Friday, July 20, 2012

"People are strange"

As a quick aside here to a less serious post today, I recently learned that a crazed gunman named James Holmes opened  fire on movie goers in Aurora, CO. They're only "crime" was attending the midnight matinee showing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. He was dressed in what witnesses say looked like military or police SWAT gear, masked and wearing a bullet-proof vest. He threw tear gas at the crowd, and then proceeded to open fire on the hapless people, killing 12 and injuring around 50 people or more. He was later arrested by local police, and had on him a handgun, rifle, and knife. He was reported to not have put up a struggle, and that was that.

I don't know what it is about the mid-west, especially near an area already infamous for senseless killings like Columbine, but this shit is beyond tragic. I guess we'll all know later possibly why that asshole did what he did, but that's just horrible what he did to those poor people. I highly doubt he even knew any of the people in attendance. Just some nut who maybe wanted to be like Bane? IDK, but it sucks that now, just like there was in schools for awhile, that we may see the start of metal detectors being placed in movie theaters now. And that's a fucking shame that that's even remotely necessary now. All because of some lone fucking nut-job!

It's been reported that movie theaters(mostly major ones) will have their security heavily beefed up, and I don't blame them. Hopefully, this is a one-time deal, and this will not become the norm in other cities or countries around the world.

Just fucking shameful!

Alright, enough about all that. I said I wanted to be funny and light-hearted for today's post, and damnit I will be!

I was fooling around with my pseudo-Photoshop programs, and started cutting and selecting a Spider-Man image from a scene from one of my recent skits; you know the awesome "I Heart Ann Curry" one? Well I was playing around with the different effects and programs when an idea hit me. So I used a pre-loaded background on my PC, and this is the result:

Yeah I like that one:)

Sure other people could no doubt do better, but I'm pleased with this one, and trust me folks, I'm a bit of a perfectionist(not that you'd think that by the quality of these posts/skits) when it comes to this projects, and there was indeed some experimenting going on to get what I wanted. Yeah that whole last line just sound fucking dirty doesn't it? Sweet God!

Anyhoo, there's Bizarro Spider-Man. Isn't he a beauty? I always figured Spidey never had a proper Bizarro-like foil to fight. And while Venom and Carnage are similar to being the complete opposites of our web-headed hero in every way, they just aren't Silver Age goofy enough to be a proper Bizarro Spidey. And now you have one. You're welcome:)

That's me for today folks.

Have a good day, and better weekend.

And as usual @ the house, we have our own guest house band from time to time.
Let's hear it for a group of real talented up-and-comers, The Doors, and their smash hit "People are strange."
Very appropriate for this post I assure you.

Take us out Jim!


Omega Agent1 said...

Nice effects. It looks like Bizzaro Spidey is getting a little to friendly, venom is goingg to go nuts.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks man. Yeah I need to use my Venom figures more when it comes to doing these skits, but yeah Bizarro-Spidey could be a new staple here @ the house, IDK.

Now for something really humorous, Googum recently bought what he describes as Tuxedo Jacket Venom, a figure that's wearing a cross between a biker jacket, and a waiter's/dinner jacket. I can;t wait until he finally unveils that bad boy over at his blog. The whole idea of Venom wearing a dinner jacket is fucking comical:)

Dan said...

nice post. People are strange always reminds me of Lost Boys and a city i used to live in whereit seemed populated by all the ecentric people who wanted to be alone. I swear if you listened carefully the trees rustled that beat.

i wonder what bizarro bizarro would look and act like. superman or something worse?

Dale Bagwell said...

I think of anything, sci-fi has taught us that a copy of a copy never comes out right. So I'd imagine a Bizarro, Bizarro would make the 1st Bizarro look like Forrest Gump in comparison. And Forrest Gump should've been renamed Forrest Dump, since he was as dumb as a bag of broken hammers, and so damn ugly, he looked like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Plus he banged a chick with AIDS, had a son with her, but neither him nor the kid got AIDS? Crazy.

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