Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I Heart Ann Curry

A quickie , but a goody today folks!

Spider-Man: "Hey Hulk, why so sad big guy?"

Hulk-Grundy: "Hulk-Grundy sad because Ann Curry is no longer the co-anchor of the Today Show. *Sign*"

Spider-Man: "But hey, at least Savannah Guthrie's gonna' take over. And she's not bad."

Hulk-Grundy: "No! Savannah Guthrie worse! Hulk-Grundy like Natalie Morales, but Ann Curry better! Hulk think about Ann Curry all the time!"

Spider-Man: "Well yeah, I guess Natalie Morales does look hotter than Savannah Guthrie, even though Natalie's had what, 1, 2 kids? She's still a fucking MILF man!"

Hulk-Grundy: "Ha ha, Hulk-Grundy love MILFs!"

Spider-Man: "Yeah, I bet you do big guy. I bet you do."

Hulk-Grundy: "But Hulk-Grundy still love Ann Curry. Hulk-Grundy hear Ann Curry like big penises, and Hulk-Grundy have one for her. That why Hulk-Grundy send pictures to Ann Curry of Hulk-Grundy's third arm. Ha ha."

Spider-Man:" Oh sweet Jeezus! I did not just hear that, because I do not want to be an accessory to a felony. Great! That's all I need is for Chris Hansen to stop by."

Ann Curry: "So I was looking through my mail, and I find this big package addressed to me. I was so curious that I opened it even though it was from a 'Hulk-Grundy'. I don't who that is, but I opened it anyways."

Matt Laurer: "So what was in there?"

Ann Curry: "It was....it was.... it was some pictures of what looked like a baby elephant's trunk!"

Matt: "Really? I wonder what that was all about."

Ann: "Yeah I know. I thought it was a prank from you, and the pictures were a mystery clue or something that was hinting that I was going to on an African safari or something."

Matt: "No, that wasn't from me."

Ann: "Well whoever it's from must know I'm a big elephant fan. I mean the size of the trunk was huge! Like this big!"

Matt: "Nice. No one sent me any packages. In fact the only exciting thing to happen to me in awhile was losing more hair and being hit by a deer. God I miss Katie Couric!"


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

what's the deal here with Ann Curry is she against circumcision or something? she's pretty good looking but if that's so she would never be able to handle the Shlomo. by the way Guns N' Roses performed in Israel today. they opened up their show by playing Israel's national anthem. i suspect that was their way of saying fuck you to all the anti-Israel ass wipes out there who were trying to pressure them to skip Israel on their tour. i go way back with those guys since their first break out album Appetite For Destruction. although i don't know what was up with Axel Rose witht hat get up he was wearing on stage i could have sworn he must have raided Elton John's wardrobe.

Dale Bagwell said...

I didn't know Ann Curry was against circumcision. Interesting. Well that leave me and you out then, but wow.

Good for GnR, but yeah idk what's up with Axel Rose these days either. I hear, or have read really, that he's an ok guy that's kinda, sorta mellowed out since his prime, but don't ask me about his wardrobe choices. You have got to post or send me a pic him then.

And hey, Elton John was pretty snazzy dresser in his day; Still is.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Axel Rose was definitely a pre-modanna back in the day. i think all that success really went to his head. now he has this nasty village people kinda mustache. the video of GnR in Israel that was uploaded yesterday only had 150 pg views and this moring now has almost 13000! check it out Axel Rose shows up exactly 1:49 into it right as they segway from Israel's national anthem to "Don't You Cry Tonight": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1ouOlRNqaw

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

as to your comment on the SS blog about the Joker who knows? i was looking at some reviews of the JLA reboot this morning and that book still sounds like it sucks ass. i'm pretty much not caring about anything going on with DC right now. gotta go i'm gonna take a stab at trying to catch an early bird matinee of Spiderman.

Dale Bagwell said...

OMG! I just saw that vid, and oh! On behalf of Axel, let me appologize. Sweet god he looks bad. He's like an old drugged-out porn star.:0

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