Thursday, July 12, 2012

"The Bat who shot Liberty Valence"

Hot skit coming through! As in fresh off the presses, because  I just took the pictures and finished this skit today folks. So yeah, you're welcome:)

Today I finally make use of my CSA Owlman figure, and his also debuting opponent, 1st Appearance Batman. As in Batman when he carried a gun. Yeah. Think about that little fun fact, whilst you simultaneously recall how he became Batman in the first place. Crazy huh? What can I say, this was fresh off the Pulp era of "Heroic" crimefighters. If they didn't have a superpower, odds were they were packing heat.

So with that in mind, I give you "The Bat who shot Liberty Valence."

Owlman: "Well, well , well. Look who it is. Grampa Batman himself. And look, you're still wearing those gay purple gloves too! What are you going to, slap me to death with your sissy hands? Ha ha!"

Owlman: "And oh look; you have a gun too. What are you going to do with that thing? Shoot confetti and rainbows out of it? Knowing you, you probably have a whole gay pride parade in that thing Ha ha."

Batman: "How about I shoot you in the damn face with it? Is that tough enough for you?"

Owlman: "Seriously? You're not going to shot me. Everybody knows Batman doesn't k----------"

Batman: "Well this Batman does, because I'm the goddamn Batman.....Bitch!"

Bucky-Cap: "Oh hey Batman. Have you seen my gun lately, because I have been looking everywhere for it?"

The goddamn Batman: "Does it look like this?"

Bucky-Cap: "Yeah, yeah that's my gun. Were'd you find it?"

-Bucky-Cap suddenly sees the now dead Owlman lying on the ground.

Bucky-Cap: Aww shit, I did not just see that. You know what, you keep that. It's more your color anyway since it matches your costume and all."

The Goddamn Batman: "I think I will Buck, I think I will since those cheap bastards from Mattel didn't bother to give me one."

Yeah Mattel, what gives? The 4Horsemen did an awesome job sculpting this version of Batman, even though the head could just as easily go to the Alex Ross/Kingdom Come version. But still, no gun? It's part of his freaking history folks, he used to use a fucking gun! Not for very long, but he did.

Anyways, the title of this skit should sound familiar to some of you, or at least to your parents and/or grandparents. It's a riff off of the old western called "The Man who shot Liberty Valence", starring Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne. It's not a bad movie at all, especially for me since I don't usually watch old westerns. Youtube it if you're interested enough.

Well that's me, so have a good rest of the week and weekend folks.

Monday's my 200th post, and I think you might like what I got in store for you guys. Maybe not, but we'll see.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

great word play with that posting title! the minute i saw this skit it totally reminded me of that final show down between Batman and Owlman in the Crisis on two Earths animated movie. James Woods ended up being a really good voice for the Owlman character.

Dale Bagwell said...

Glad you liked the skit Shlomo-rific:)

I really enjoyed James Woods' vocal performance too, as it he really seemed to own/make Owlman his own. So awesome, especially the scene at the end, where Batman once again outwits the bad guys, but Owlman basically says "fuck it", and lets himself be blown up anyway.

I highly recommend that movie.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

yeah that was definitely one of the better comic book based animated films out there. by the way i saw your comment on OA1's blog and i think this back posting will help you:

Omega Agent1 said...

Good movie, good post.

When it comes to voice acting, most times I hate to know who's doing the voice. For me it takes something away from the character. That's justt me though.

I want to see more from the purple hands, I like this guy.

Dan said...

yeah i liked that JLA movie too, especially with the secondary league in there too. Maybe Bats coulda shot Cap and got more Bang for his Buck-y? Cheap shot but thought I'd crack it anyway.

Dale Bagwell said...

-Sholmo, thanks for the link, I'll read it and get back to you on it.

-Omega, you do huh? Well ask and it shall be given. Expect future skits featuring the purple-gloved, pistol-toting goddamn Batman!:)

Dan, are you drinking posting again?:)
Here's a quick list of Aussie abbreviations I found online, so you stop at the one that you think fits you:
ABL: Abso-Bloody-Lutely

ASA: Aussie Smart Arse

BAG: Big Aussie Grin

BAS: Big Aussie Smile

BOAW: Bit Of A Wanker

BOM: Bloody Oath Mate

BSB: Bloody Silly Buggar

BSWOT: Bloody Stupid Waste Of Time

CASA: Certified Aussie Smart Arse

COC: Come On Cobber

DAAS: Dumb Arse Aussie Smile

DD: Dinkey Dy

FD: Fair Dinkum

FDA: Fair Dinkum Action

FDC: Fair Dinkum Cobber

FSOTSB: Fair Suck Of The Sauce Bottle

GM: Grouse Mate

GOYM: Good On Ya Mate

HLV: Happy Little Vegemites

LLABOGIAT: Laughing Like A Bunch Of Galahs In A Tree

LMAAO: Laughing My Aussie Arse Off

NOYN: Not On Your Nellie

RD: Ridgy Didge

RR: Ripper Rita

SAAG: Smart Arse Aussie Grin

SR: Strewth Ruth

STFC: Stone The Flamin' Crows

TBA: True Blue Aussie

TBB: True Blue Bloke

TBRM: Too Bloody Right Mate or 2BRM

TBS: True Blue Shiela

TITB: This Is True Blue

TR: Too Right

TTFN: Ta Ta For Now

VB: Victoria Bitter, a popular Aussie drink

WEAMS: Wicked Evil Aussie Male Smile

WEASS: Wicked Evil Aussie Shiela Smile

WG: Whatta Galah

WGAS: Who Gives A Shit

YBB: You Bloody Bewdy

YBM: You Bewdy Mate

YBN: You Bloody Nong

YBR: You Bloody Ripper

YBSW: You Bloody Silly Wombat

YGBAN: You've Got Buckley's And None

YW: You Wanker

Find one yet?

No, Bats is holding onto to Bucky's gun now for the foreseeable future, since Mattel fucked up and didn't give him one. Maybe it's just me, but he looks more badass w/ a gun.

Thanks for stopping by the house guys. And Dammit Sholmo, wipe your damn feet next time; I swear you track in more dirt and sand then anyone I know:)

Dan said...

lol I've never heard about 50% off those, so it's hardcase where they come from. It's Fair suck of the sav not sauce bottle lol but even that's pretty 80's. If you really want the inside track you'll just have to come for a trip. Batman might need to have his own seat though :)

Dale Bagwell said...

I'd love, love to go aussie for a weekend. Possibly do my own version of John Lennon's "lost weekend".

I'd have to charge the trip on the Wayne business card, because Batman insists in flying 1st class. You know how those rich people hate to fly coach if they can help it:)

Dan said...

well would be rude not to. Just make sure you keep the same train of thought when passing through duty free.

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