Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Falls....

Hey Folks!

So I went and saw The Dark Knight Rises at my local movie theater this past Saturday night, and it was awesome indeed! I can't stress enough how much fans and casual Bat-fans should go see this.
I will say make sure you re-watch the 1st movie, Batman Begins, as this movie heavily, heavily ties into and wraps up a lot of character and plot points brought up by Batman Begins.

I won't spoil it, but Dan was right in saying there were plenty of twists and surprises, because by God, there sure were!

And no loud or annoying kids or talking teens to interrupt me either, so even better!

So in honor of DKR, here's my bat-inspired skit of the day. Enjoy!

 -Batman has fallen and hurt his knee, which causes him to unintentionally break out into a Peter Griffin impression.


One week later...........

The End

Moves like Jagger, or moves like Alfred? You decide.

Lastly, I recently bought the DKR movie masters version of Catwoman. 
*credit to

She's not bad actually, and since I've kinda' positioned myself into buying up the collect and connect Bat-Signal pieces, then the bottom stand that comes w/ Catwoman is pretty sweet. Plus it looks like it comes she comes a parking meter. It's not, but I'll pretend it is:)
This is the goggles up variant, as there's a goggles down one too, but personally I like this one better...and it's rare too, so go me. I wish she came with more accessories, like idk a whip, a string of pearls, something.
If you go to, they review the figure in more detail, so hop to it if you're interested.
What did suck, is that K-Mart did have a 50% off sale on all action figures, but then when I went to buy Catwoman, she was listed as regular price. Damn! Must've stopped around the time DKR came out because I was wanting to buy Batman and maybe Bane for the last parts needed to complete it. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day.

And before I go, here's today's parting song; "Stand or fall" by The Fixx.
What? I like them, and it's a very appropriate song considering what just happened:)

Have a good one!


Omega Agent1 said...

Skit was funny. The movie was good but it didn't do what it should have. It didn't really highlight Batman the super hero. The Batpod was hella awesome, the Bat(helicopter) was too. Bane reminded me of Mad Stan. He was good though and it was to long not to have more Bat action.

Dale Bagwell said...
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Dale Bagwell said...

Glad you liked skit my main man.
I just had to make fun of that usually uplifting line from both Batman's father and Alfred; it would have been a crime not to:)

See I liked the movie, but I will agree there could have been some improvements. I'll leave it to the experts to say what, but allowing Blake to be Robin(and not just his name) could've been handled differently.

Even though the movie was long enough for me, I would have been fine with it being just a little longer for more action, and better development of some story plots.

Now that I've had a chance to sit and reflect, there are a lot more questions to be answered afterwards, but all in all, I thought it was really good. Yes it was going to be hard to live up to the hype and expectations, especially after Heath Ledger's awesome and now iconic for this generation, performance as the Joker.

Could there have been some improvements and plot-hole plugging, yes, but that doesn't take away from my enjoyment and pleasure in watching this film.

On a related note, am I the only one still kinda' confused regarding whether or not Henri Ducard is really Ra's Al Guhl or what?

googum said...

Hmm, Batman's knees are easily damaged. This information will prove useful!

I liked it a lot, even with a few nits--Batman's career seems really short, for example--and it ties all three movies together way better than most trilogies.

But, I want a new spin on Batman next movie; and make no mistake, there will be another inside of five years, right? I want less Frank Miller, more Marshall Rogers and Jim Aparo...

Dale Bagwell said...

I'll agree there. A more true superhero movies instead of this realistic version would be nice as well. And since DC's so gung-ho about cranking out a JLA movie, perhaps that 5-year window is pretty much a lock.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

good one but David Hasslehoff needed to be in that second skit eating something up off the floor. i gotta tell ya i don't think she did a bad job but i really didn't think Anne Hathaway was ideal for Selena Kyle. i said as much back when Dan posted the casting earlier this year. she just didn't quite look the part to me. plus they should have had her do some weight training for the role she should have had a bit of muscle on her frame.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, I wasn't too high on her either, but she managed to do a decent enough job that it didn't distract me from the movie. Of course it does help that she's really easy on the eyes:)

But yeah she was fine. Added muscle? Probably would not look right on her frame, but I see why you mentioned it.

The 'Hoff eating a cheeseburger off Stark's floor? Hilarious! If I had a 'Hoff figure, and I don't know why I would, and I had that about that idea, then yeah I can easily see that happening.

How randomly funny was it that Tony puked in one of Hawkman's helmets?
He's probably not LOLing at that:)

Thanks for stopping by the house, Shlomo. And thanks for wiping your feet this time:)

Dan said...

I loved the way Robin was left unseen to me it was brilliant, and if he had appeared I think it would've weakened a lot - and that's coming from the Southern Hemisphere's biggest Nightwing fan... still spin-off's are no doubt being debated right now as we speak.

Still glad you dug it Dale!

As for Anne, she was way better than I expected, but still no Ashley Judd (okay I'll let that one drop)! Still that other female more than made up for it on the woman's team.

I would've liked a few more No Man's Land type stories of Gotham in isolation as Bruce waited for Lassie to find him down the well, but still blown away by the whole thing. That one line Ra's speaks on the ice in Batman Begins has changed that whole film for me.

Dale Bagwell said...

What line was that?

"Get Snakey"

Hey whattaya' know, it's a brand new skit this week. Enjoy this fun little homage to one of the more recently popular "danc...