Monday, January 06, 2014

"Go Home Ant-Man! You're Drunk!"

What's up kiddies?

So how was your first week of January?
Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Thankfully you didn't have a week like this guy.....

The End

Damn, that Pym can't hold his shit. Pussy;)


karl said...

That looks more like Scott Lang than Hank Pym to me in those pictures. Id rather go out on the lash with Pym than Lang though as Lang's an ex-crim and it wouldnt do to associate with him [plus hes ginger too. JOKE Dan[!]] Those giant ants would come in handy if nay of us fell over though, especially where I hang out.
Thatd be a good post for you, Dale - what super-heroes would you have a boys night out with?

Dan W said...

Code: Stark lol nice one Mr Dale!

Did you ever read the Rick Jones bachelor party issue of Hulk? I tell ya Peter David had me cracking up with that one. And I learnt a new word.

My boys night out crew would be Speedball (that power can only get funnier with a few brews, Jamie Madrox, Gambit cos cards are always handy, Blue Beetle (Ted) and Plastic Man.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Ha ha, careful Karl. You might just get your wish and end up in a skit.......;)
Glad you liked this one, and yes, the Ant-Man here really is Scott Lang, so good eye. I just use him as Ant-Man(Pym) just cause.

As for super-heroes I'd drink with. Hmmm. I know who I wouldn't go out drinking with:
Hitman, Lobo, The cast of Preacher, John Constantine, Sabertooth, Juggernaut, and anyone that frequents the NO Name bar.Trust me, if you know your comic book history, you'll know why you don't ever go there. Especially on a full d-list villain night.

Super-heroes I'd drink with: Wolverine: He'd get you drinking money when you bet other drunken suckers to outdrink him.

-Tony Stark: He may not drink with you(or he might_ but he'll definitely be buying drinks all night, and helping you score ass.

-The Thing: Nobody would fuck with you, and he's a fucking card shark at poker.

-Nightcrawler, Creeper, Grifter, Metapmorpho, and the Doom Patrol round up the rest.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Thanks, glad you liked it. I read that issue too, and to see expression on Cap's face when he learnt he hadn't hired a magician was awesome!

karl said...

My lads night out would have to consist of the following reprobates...
Johnny Storm, the Human Torch [for being a total poon-hound and pussy-hunter extraordinaire - on second thoughts maybe not,,,with the Torch around none of us would ever get any fanny, hed take it all!]
Sun Boy and Colossal Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes [best buds in the comic and both as bad as each other]
Ultra Boy, also from the LSH [to handle the inevitable fights]
The Thing [cos he so ugly going out on the prowl hed make the rest of us look like Ryan Gosling lookalikes]
Cliff Steele [Robotman from the Doom Patrol] cos he seems a laugh under the right alcohol intake.
Quantum and Woody - another pair of best buds and total assholes with the drink and the fanny. You need someone like them on a night out.
That racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy [cue the 'have you seen our squirrel, ladies?' tagline when we take him out with us.].
Benedict Cumberbatch.
My own mate Johnny Hormone [yes, that IS his real name] who is a complete maniac and will ensure we have a night out that makes the Hangover movies seem like a kiddies picnic.

googum said...

You know you're Starked up when you're drunk puking and crying. Crap, wait, have I ever done that...?

You're changing lives, man.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum: LOL! Thanks man, I do what I can. Hey it beats trying to take over the world. Have you seen it lately? No thanks.

But yeah, there should be in every bar or place where they serve alcohol, a Code:Stark. It's just the responsible thing to do:)

Tiger OA1 said...

Damn, this is a good one. I just want to be the designated driver with video rolling. This night out seems all kinds of good.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: You're actually volunteering to be the DD, designated driver? Hell yeah man. I'm sure it'll be greatly appreciated. Just watch out for stray laser or repulsor blasts, and or the occasional explosion.

You're a good man Tiger:)

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