Thursday, January 30, 2014

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?: The Living Eraser


So for today's edition of What The Fuck Were They Thinking, I decided to pick out an obvious honoree, the one the only(well, not really it seems) The Living Eraser!

Apparently he's down with DX it seems. Or they stole the crotch chop from him, you decide.

If only you could've been too, and stayed that way.

Dubbed the living eraser, this unnamed alien invader from Dimension Z came to Earth as a potential invader for his race Erasers I guess. He first appeared in the comic Tales To Astonish#49 in November of 1963, and has baffled readers ever since. Well maybe not, since I'm sure the causal fan doesn't even remember this jack-off. Probably for the best since Mr.Eraser hasn't aged very well as an antagonist or concept.

He was sent from Dimension Z to kidnap a handful of very important scientists, and bring them back to his home world, where they'd serve the Supremacy.

Talk to the hand girlfriend!

Hank Pym, then known as Ant-Man, was one of the scientists on the Eraser's scientist shopping list. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know Pym was a super-hero, nor that the Wasp hid long enough to become abducted along with Pym, thus proving to be the Eraser's undoing.

His powers, with the use of a device called a Dimensionalizer, was to use the technology to transport you to another dimension. Of course the process was bizarre in that it looked like you were literally being erased before you're very eyes. In reality, parts of you were being shunted off to another dimension. But fuck, how trippy would that shit be to see that process go down and live in living color? I'd seriously have to give up smoking the Chiba for a bit if I saw that shit.

Much like the Space Phantom, there are/were other "Erasers" around, all equally unnamed and looking pretty much the same. So this dude could've been named Bob, and then before you know it, you're fighting his brother-in-law, or some wacky-ass shit like that.

Anyways, Ant-Man and the Wasp kicked his ass, and sent him packing for parts unknown.....

13 years later in Marvel Two-In-One#15, the Eraser returns, this time having overthrown the Supremacy(king) of his dimension and wanted to once again take-over our Earth. He obviously picked a bad day to pull that, seeing as how The Thing and Morbius were there to kick his ass again. Sure he brought to his home dimension, bu they escaped with the help of the Supremacy, and that should've been all we ever heard about him or his people ever again.

John Byrne didn't seem to think so, and brought him back in Sensational She-Hulk#;s 35-37. Well, a second version, since the first one got executed for that poorly-thought out coup he attempted.

This Eraser was sent to kidnap She-Hulk, since the Supremacy fell in love with her. I guess her being Green like them helped, as did the fact that she's fucking hot! 

So to get her to be more cooperative, they kidnapped her then boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot. Predictably she saved him and took off back to Earth.

After that, the evil Yondroth(the evil sorcerer that used to bother the Defenders all the time) used a squad of Erasers to invade Japan in Defenders#1(Vol.2) 2001.

Since then, it's been quiet on the Eraser front. And it should be, especially ever since the Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean was invented.

I wonder of those two ever met?

That's the villain known as "The Human Eraser". Yeah someone got drunk/high/both, and came up with that winner of a concept too. The fuck man?

Alright kids, have a good to great weekend, and stay away from the dirty hookers. Unless they're clean and and an show you a piece of paper from your town's local health department saying otherwise;)


karl said...

The Living Eraser was a real hoot- I first read this in one of our British comics and later in The Essential Ant-Man. So lame and yet so insidious, you cant help but admire a villain who waves his hands [in THAT way] and all of a sudden your crotch disappears. Have you noticed that was always the first thing that he vanished?
I thought he only made one appearance, missed the others you mentioned. Not in the least surprised he turned up in the She-Hulk book, that Byrne was well-known for dredging up long-forgotten zeroes.
Hey, no-one needs go near hookers in England - we're all sex-mad here anyway so theres no need for such filth

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Oh, well then consider yourself informed then Karl.

Yeah I've heard similar talk that Byrne loved to have oddballs and 3,4th-stringers show up from time to time, depending on what book he was working on. At least the story makes sense, and no one's origin got needlessly revamped. I think.

Sex-Mad huh? Is that the same thing as Sex-Nuts and Retard-Strong? If so, carry on, carry on.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

yeah that dude is kinda ridiculous but he could have been useful on Dikto's work in the 80s and 90s. looks like we're both on a roll these days Dale on shit in comics that's pissed us off. as for She-Hulk (see farcebook).

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Someone's ripped Shulkie a new one FB? News to me.....
If I was really on a roll about shit in comics that pissed me off, I'd be stuck doing the Dan schedule of ridiculous diatribes rants aimed at the big two.......even though I still buy their products. Hypocrite? No, in fact, being a paying customer actually allows me the right to bitch. Fuck em' if they don't like, but they're still taking my money.

Ditko.......oooof. the 80's/90's were not kind to him. Trust me, if you've seen his work post-ROM, you should be lucky you got the version of Ditko you got, complete with an awesome array of inkers to make his work look better than it was @ that point. And that's not being hateful or spiteful, that's being brutally honest from my perspective. Hell give me Liefield Cap man-boobs over that stuff anyday.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

the only thing i know about dikto's work in the 90s was that Speed Ball series as talked about in K.o.T's video. what else did he work on in the 90s?

Dale Bagwell said...

Not much. I could look up his idk, bibliography, but I do have a Captain America two-parter from MCP#'s80-81, and an Iron Man story from marvel: shadows and light#2 or 3(?) that sucks. The story is dated and dumb, and the artwork isn't any better. So sad to say and remark, but if I'm being honest, his shit back then was nowhere near as inspiring as his work from the 50's and 60's. And that's what's up.

Speaking of Speedball, I really got to read the back-story on how he came about, because he shouldn't have worked. Powers yeah, but the design and character? Atrocious. His Creeper was more inspired, as was his Question, who Ditko not too long after aped, and used for Mr. A, who was basically the Question gimmick, just with a full-on mask, as opposed to the spray on, wax-like face mask Question used.

The King of Thessaly said...

HAHAHA! -SUCK IT!!! That's awesome... I never even heard of this guy- figures he's an Ant Man villain. I agree- he is totally lame. BUT- it does look really cool when he uses his power. -That's awesome!
LOVED Byrne's She-Hulk. Must have missed those issues... He works well there because that was a 4th-wall-breaking comedy title. And he did know how to draw She-Hulk just right, am I right?

The Thing: "He ain't worth more than the back of my hand!" Holy shit- I have to use that line on the next person I backhand! Funny that line is in the same post as Ant-Man, eh? Ohhh, Janet...

HA! The Human Eraser is definitely a product of marijuana... He looks like he should be a villain of The Tick.

Yeah- Speedball should NOT have worked on every level. I adore him so.
And Shlomo- still with the vitriol? Let it go, man. -Deep breaths...

Tiger OA1 said...

Wyatt Wingfoot, distant cousin to the Submariner. Does he make the list? The eraser? Another unrealized idea. Damn shame.

I think your folks are out to destroy BT before he's discovered. Wish I could activate the powers of the Eraser to get rid of that colorless heroes show. Punks

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Right? And I should know about the uh, joint situation. You know, its for me, uh, glaucoma;)

Cool effect, but he still looks like he's having a stroke or a bad case of what Michael J. Fox's got. Just saying.....

Shlomo, let it go, The King hath spoken.

What else? Oh, I did not catch that back hand reference with Jan being here. Good catch dude;) Oh fuck that's cray;)

@Tiger: You talking about Tiger joining the 'Squad on Arrow last night?

The King of Thessaly said...

I need it for my asthma. No, like seriously legit. THC is a bronchodilator. -Works way better than an inhaler- and it's way better for your body than the fucking steroids in those things... They need to quit fucking around and legalize it everywhere already. Anygay- that's a tangent...

Yeah- he's a terrible character- I just like what he does. And that crotch-chop! HA!

I miss when superheroes used to smoke. That's another tangent- but seeing The Thing made me think of it. You never see him or Fury smoking anymore. Shame...

I was totally geeking-out from Colorless Arrow last night. "...actually, it's more of a squad." HA! Awesome. It has flaws, sure- but for a CW show? After the horribleness that was Smallville? -It's fun. And way better than SHIELD.

So, what comic was The Human Eraser from?

karl said...

King I agree with you re heroes mot smoking anymore. ..I miss the days when the Thing would light a stogie ( what we British call cigars) there all too worried about lids aping what heroes do im the comics bloody morons.
Arrows ten times better than smallminds er Smallville but that's because thr chippie who plays Black Canary is so hot she makes me put a notch on my own arrow, much like Arrow himself.

Dan W said...

Lol that was eighty pounds of magic in a bag named wrong. But hey like you say, he got to walk down the isle with She-Hulk so it ain't all bad news.

I can just see the editorial meeting, 'No we can't call him the living rubber because kids are laughing already. Wait what do you mean Garth Ennis has an idea and wants to use him. We're only just creating the dude and Garth Ennis is probably six right now'

The ol' Dan schedule aye? Bugger that.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Right? THC baby!
Yeah I wish ol Nick and Ben could smoke again. Stupid anti-smoking ban by Marvel, because they don't want to unduly influence young kids to smoke. Seeing those guys, plus Logan smoke a stoogie, never really made me decide to go pick up a cigarette so fuck em there.

The Human Eraser was a wacky-ass Silver Age creation seen only in the pages of Batman. Thankfully he disappeared, except for a brief panel appearance in an issue of Morrison's run in Batman.

@Karl: I agree whole-hartedly, and Arrow does indeed rock. Except I think Shado's way hotting than that dumb bitch Laurel. Her sister though as BC? Yeah buddy!

@Dan: Hey, it's your schedule Dan, we're all just trying to exist in it;)

How Garth Ennis was never allowed to revamp the Human Eraser, or write a character called the Human Rubber, especially during his Preacher run is a sin.

The King of Thessaly said...

Oh, yeah... Logan too! How'd I forget about him!!!

That dude was actually a Batman villain??? Damn... What The Fuck Were They Thinking (/smoking), indeed!

Ugh, Laurel in Arrow... just want to punch her in the face. Like, constantly.

Hey, do you do any drawing at all, man?

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: A little. Been awhile really. I save the art to talented folks like Dan and Shlomo really. My art skills clearly lie on the computer and photoshop. So that's what I'll stick to;)

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