Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"England Swings"

Ol' Mr.Morbid's about to expose you guys to some good, clean and classic culture right now. Yes sir, nothing says upbeat funny shit like Mr. Roger Miller.

Yep, Roger Miller.

The same guy who famously sang "You can't roller skate in a buffalo heard", "Dang Me", and "King of the Road". Hell even sang and was the voice of one of the narrator in the Disney classic movie Robin Hood.

Well he also sang this next one, which you should've figured out already just from the title of today's post.
Except he's not singing it today. Nope, someone else is.........

The End

And just in case you haven't seen Roger Miller's renditon of "England Swings", now you have:

                                                                          Your welcome:)


Dan W said...

Ol' Nightcrawler aye - everyone's a critic! Captain Britain is another action figure you've made me want through these skits. Maybe Kurt will change his mind do Dean Martin, Phoenix can do Ella and Excalibur can do a touring lighthouse show?

Just an idea. They all can't be winners :) Mind you, in Excalibur there was a alternate reality rockband of the group living in the basement...

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Ha ha, now that would be a fun idea there Dan. Hmmm, super-sponsored tours of famous places. It'd be great for the adverstisement, but hell on the property/re-sell value once the villains show up.

Idk there were rock stars living in the basement of the lighthouse. Oh snap, more ammo for the skit.

karl said...

Ive heard of King of the Road but no-one here in England has ever heard of this Roger Miller chap, who was he?
Lovin' those pics of good ol' London town, very basic pics - everyone outside the UK thinks we are all Downton Abbey types or speak with plums in our mouths [maybe other peoples plums, LOL]. Actua;;y we are all depraved drunks and sexual maniacs. Its great being British!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: He was very popular folk singer back in the day, who specilaized in clean and funny silly songs. You can wiki him for more facts than that, but that's basically what he was.

You mean you all don't talk with plums or other fruit in your mouths?
'Cause if you did, that would explain the bad teeth;)

Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless;)

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