Thursday, January 02, 2014

Top 5: Marvel characters that could use the Dr.Who Theme song

What's up people?

So yesterday I made a Top 5 list of DC characters that if they had their own tv shows, could realistically use the classic Dr.Who shiow theme song as their own.

Well today I look at the Marvel side of the equation and give my picks for at least 5 characters.....and  surprise 6th.

5). The Guardians of the Galaxy

Yeah these guys. Since it's a mostly if not totally sci-fi song, why not use for the mostly sci-fi corner of the Marvel U? Of course we'll all see what theme accompanies their own movie later this year, but the Dr.Who seems to fit in my opinion.

4). The Inhumans

I guess like the Guardians, expect to see plenty of these guys this year. The music is sci-fi and weird, and so are the Inhumans. Again, prefect fit here.

3). Dr.Strange

The only magic user/non-science fiction guy on the list, Dr.Strange just plan fits the music to a t. Hell, the opening scenes could of the old Dr.Who practically scream Steve Ditko's Dr. Strange, so its only natural the other good doctor would benefit from a very fitting theme song as well.

2). The Silver Surfer

I'm imagining following the Surfer, from his perspective, as he soars his well-known cosmic surferboard through the galaxy and beyond. Imagine seeing what the surfer sees, as he flies through suns, cosmic rays, and hovers about gas clouds. Oh hell, that'd be truly an experience worth being set to the music.

1).The Fantastic Four

Oh you know Marvel's first family had to be on this list. Moreso than any other team or character here, the FF would be rightfully deserving to use the Dr.Who theme song. Just think of the opening montages. Only Kirby's favorite quartet could ever do the song justice. And they would too.

6). ROM

A surprise pick, but not that unusual if you think about it. I believe this one alone will get Shlomo's seal of approval, right Shlomo?;)

Honorable mentions: Sleepwalker, Quasar, Nova, and The Illuminati.

No Iron Man, Avengers, or Hulk here in my opinion. I think they already have classic themes of their, thus why they're not on the list.

So, let me know what you think, and who I might've missed in the trusty comments section.

Have a damn fine weeekend people:)


The King of Thessaly said...

Hell yeah- Sleepwalker!

Theme works better with the DC characters, I don't know what it is- they just both have more of a classic feel to them, I guess? Fit better together...

ROM deserves his own version, though- because Spaceknights get down with a techno beat:

Tiger OA1 said...

Partner you missed big on this one. The action adventure of the Marvel Universe can't be confined in the TARDIS. Sorry Bro

The DC guys fit better, Dr. Occult fit best.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

how ironic, Ptor from the Santcum Sanctorum blog just did a Dr. Strange/Dr. Who posting. and let me tell ya if you're feeling down about life Ptor opens up with this monologue about his life that will make you feel like your problems are nothing but a punch line.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Hey, someone's gotta show Sleepwalker some love. Him and Darkhawk were just some of the coolest characters to come out of the 90's that didn't hit it big like Cable and Deadpool did.

@Tiger: You don't think they fit huh? Not even the FF or Silver Surfer? Huh. Hey it's all good, I tried. You probably have a point with DC fitting the theme more. That might also have to do with the heavy presence movie and animation-wise from Marvel over the last few years, thus why they really are they're own separate identity. Thanks for the feedback though. That's why i ask;)

@Shlomo: He did? Really? Damn, I gotta go check that one out then. Thanks for the heads up you gloomy gus you;)

Dan W said...

Sleepwalker!!! Here I was thinking I was the only fan of that dude. There's my number one pick right there.

I think because Marvel have that human relationship core to all their characters, it makes it harder to apply an errie theme to then DC characters, unless you go a bit more trippy than the FF and Silver Surfer. Oddly enough I think that means it suits the villians of Marvel more.

That said my picks would be Sleepwalker, M.O.D.O.K., Steranko's Nick Fury, Annihilus, and The Watcher.

Dan W said...

Oh yeah and Mysterio - you always think of something after you prove you're not a robot!

Joseph said...

Though ROM is beloved as is Dr.Who the Surfer riding the vortex floating over starburst on his board with theme is an amazing thought. Old or new theme it suits the Surfer so well.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Good point. And yes, Sleepwalker rules. Just as the King;)

@Joseph: Right? How could you not see the Surfer soaring through the cosmos accompanied to that theme?

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