Monday, January 27, 2014

Battle-Blog: Black Panther Vs. Wildcat

What's up people?

Enjoy the weekend? Yes? No?

Well I did for the most part as well as I scored a bunch more back issues for cheap. Like 10 for a $1 cheap.
This is just a small example of what I got, since I already put the rest up.

All good reads really. Go find em' near you if you can.

Okay, so here's a new thing I'm trying out. It's called a Battle-Blog, and it's basically an updated version of So, Who Would Win? Just with figures and an actually voted and agreed on winner.

Today's initial combatants are The Black Panther and Wildcat.

Who Wins?


The King of Thessaly said...

Attuma!!! Hahaha! Nice.
I see a StarMan in there too- can't go wrong with that. Marvel Comics Presents were always fun... Saga of The Swamp-Thing, also can't go wrong there.
And motherfuckin' DARKHAWK! -Yeahhh boyyyyyyyyy! Like Tombstone was not bad enough... Venom. -That was a great story.
SPOILERS: This is the one from my blog where he is saved by a street-sign and some dirty hobo-rags!
So, good haul! Shit- the best they get around here is 4 or 5 for a dollar! -You got TEN!?! That's sweet as free.

Now... On to this battle. Look, I have a soft-spot for the old cat. -And his Cat-o-cycle! But I'm afraid it's just no contest when he's up against The Black Panther. Kake la Wakanda!
Kake le le, kakee ye ma- Oh ka puca shoka: Black Panther! 'Nuff said.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

right on that Swamp Thing issued used to be part of my ST collection. as for the Barry Windsor Smith Weapon X collection i had the hard back one shot, more good stuff. i'm sad to say i haven't found anything worth talking about in back issue discount bins. the only 80s stuff i've bought worth talking about was on ebay and that recent HULK back issue (not at a discount) but i already blogged about all that stuff.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Yeaaaaahy bitch! Yeah, 10 for a buck is a damn hard deal to beat. if it wasn't for my LCS being so over-stocked with back issues, and duplicates of many of them, I might not get such sweet deals. There's more like I said, I just put em up before taking pics.

I don't what the fuck you said in regards to BP other than he wins, but now I wanna' play "Down with the sickness" by Disturbed. OOOOH WAAAAAAHAAAAAA!

@Shlomo: I hear ya' buddy. Hey, glad you're not having to work that crazy-ass schedule you were working. $ is $, so I know you gotta' do what you gotta' do for that almighty dollar, but damn does it sound like you're working harder than you should for a little greenback. Major props to you on that:)

Dan W said...

Lol I love that Panther thought he was an imitator - good call. Panther all the way for the win though. The jungle and the throneroom (childish giggle) are the best boxing rings of all to learn to fight in.

That's experience talking you know. I live in New Zealand. and we have forests and kingdoms still, just watch the Hobbit.

P.S. Darkhawk vs Venom is awesome! I loved Heart of the Hawk - the fact Chris is in the dollar bin instead of hanging in the Louvre in Paris (another childish giggle) almost makes me want to go all Smaug the dragon on some folks.

Tiger OA1 said...

Mutha Fucking Attuma.

Dude, you set Wildcat up to loose....bad. But I like the idea of this Action figure fight thing.

@Dan: the throne room and the jungle (kekeke) I had this slim cutter; (dude) that should really have been on camera. Lake Side!

Dale Bagwell said...

I agree, Panther all the way Dan, but what a fight right?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Glad you like the concept, I'm hoping it stays good and interesting.

Set em up to fail eh? We'll see;)

karl said...

Black Panther versus Wildcat? No contest...T'Challa every time. He's just too sneaky, too determined to win whatever means possible. Wildcat would just pound away, no diversity to his approach.
That sure was a bargain of yours you got, all those comics. We would never get such discounts here in rainy ol' England, makes me 'wel jel' [British slang for 'well jealous'].

Dale Bagwell said...

Wel Jer huh? Don't know how I'll steal that one, but I guess I an try;)

karl said...

No, I meant 'wel jeL' not 'jer'.
Heres some other British rhyming slang and sayings to make us British feel more at home [well America was ours before you lot claimed it back!]
'wel jel' - jealous
'reem' a damn good read
'smorgas' bored
'apple and pears' stairs
'trouble and strife' wife [VERY apt, that one!].
'Hampton' named after Little Hampton and Bigger Hampton in London, so named for its , er, big dicks. You Americnas might visit the Hamptons where you are in the U.S - over here visiting the hamptons takes on entire new meaning!
'ginger beer' queer
'skunked' drunk - permanently
'jammy' poor bastard who never get laid because his wifes forever on her period - or so she says. Never trust these women.
'moppet' someone who gets someone to do his fighting for him'
'o and r' - a person who claims to be Irish and speaks with an over-exaggerated accent despite never setting foot in Ireland [aka like to call them Americans on St Patricks Day]
'niggsy' a man whos always sober around drunks [aka a fucking bore]
'japs eye bandit' a man who claims being circumcised makes him a better lover [aka fucking liar]
'three hail Mary's' when you fuck three women at the same time, who all know each other yet have no idea themselves youre fucking them all - the holy grail of British sayings for most of us, rarely attained sadly.
'millie' a man who stabs a friend in the back for no apparent reason [named after a famous politician who betrayed his brother to get a political position]
'Hawaii-five-no' when a foreign girl wants to marry you for a green card
hope these help!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: wow, and thx. I'll have to write all these down, and then proceed to steal, uh, I mean use them from time to time. Probably here as well;)

Chris said...

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