Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Long And Short Of It

The End
 I guess there's a case to be made that Robots should stick to what they do best, which is clearly not telling                                           dirty jokes. Can't outdo us there sneaky andriods.

On the real, I gotta' mention this right quick.

Anybody watch the new Daredvil netflix series yet?

It's the bomb, dot.com people!
Easily the best superhero television series out there in my opinion. Better than Arrow, Flash, Gotham, you name 'em.
And I know this, because even casual, non-comic fans are enjoying watching this, as witnessed by me on a few of my firends who could care less about comics, but are really enjoying this series.
I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but so far the acting,(Cox really is Daredevil, DeNofrio is really he Kingpin) the violence and fight scenes, everythig, is all done top-notch. Even the dialogue doesn't sound chessy or confusing. Love this series!
Do yourself a favor and check it out, either on netflix or free downloading sites like Primewire.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey Dale, superhero porn matters aside how about a "what were they thinking?" posting for the X-Men's Maggot?

Dale Bagwell said...

Done and done. Thx for the suggestion Shlomo, you just saved today;)

The King of Thessaly said...

Damn, dirty humans!!!

Yeah- you'll get no complaints from me on that one! Fuck Maggot.

DareDevil... I kind of hated DareDevil.
Kingpin was HORRIBLE. He looked the part... but the overgrown violent baby personality did not look good on him. The shot of him literally seeing fat-eight-year-old-him as his reflection made me laugh so hard.
The fight scenes were great. Especially the one where he saves the little kid. Fucking cool. But all I could think is how much cooler they would be if he was in his fucking costume!
I knew they were gonna pull that shit- of only having it at the very end of the series... That's so stupid. He should have had it by episode six or seven- at least. They make so many references to him getting a better costume in the first three episodes; in real time and in flashbacks- then he just doesn't do it for another ten... WTF?
It's a show my Dad will like- because it's not comic-book-y at all! I don't even know why this show is called DareDevil and not The Cape or M.A.N.T.I.S.
It was better than S.H.I.E.L.D.- but that's really not saying much. It is NOT better than The Flash- because The Flash is an unembarrassed COMIC BOOK SHOW.
Shit, the best parts of DareDevil were the parts with The Owl, and Stick- because at least they were playing actual over-the-top characters. -WITH PERSONALITY. Everyone else is just mumbling through their angst. And only Matt and Karen have the right to do that!
I liked all the little bits setting up Iron Fist. -As miniscule as they were. The easter-eggs with Gladiator too...
But the set up for everything was so sparse- this is part of four future shows, right? I sure didn't get that feeling.
And you wait so long to see Kingpin... who they never call that- which is lame- but they build him up and then when you finally see him after all this talk; he's being a lovey-dovey dope. Way to flatten that momentum. He should have already been married- we did not need to see THAT origin story.
So much wasted potential. I'm not even interested in the Jessica Jones one out next. Ugh...
Thank goodness the first four episodes of Game Of Thrones leaked online the next day so I could cleanse my pallet.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! Good. If so, I would've said blame Shlomo. Of course you need to blame a jew of if bad shit's going down. Right Shlomo?;)

I get your points, and why you didn't care for certain things.

Did we really need the Vanessa/Wilson Fisk love match origin? No, but it did help to show that Kingpin has many sides to him, as any good villain has, and it further compared and contrasted off Matt and his own relationships.
Interesting contrast, especialy Vanessa. Vanessa has no problem with the Kingpin or his vipolent ways and quickly backs him and his personal mission to "save" Hell's Kitchen. I haven't read too too many DD issue with Vanessa in them, but I'm sure she was like this before the later years.

But yeah, could've only been like a 2-3 episdoe thinhg, then move on to him being more Kingpin-like. Like when he destoryed that russian's head with the SUV door. Loved it.
That's another thing, overall, the production, acting, violence/action, and dialogue are handled and written way better than other superhero shoes in my opinion. With the CW shows, the dialogue is always going to have bits(I do tend to overlook a lot of this on Arrow, but not as much this and last season)that are pure chesse, and not in a good way, just the typical CW tween chat dialogue.
Not here. That's why I know this show, and hopefully the other 3 will succeed. Because there not on a regular cable netwrork, and thus have more freedom for violence and dialogue the other shows can't or won't go for.

I'm not sure about Jessica Jones myself, The cast seems fine, but it's Jessica Jones. Who gives a fuck about Luke Cage's chick when I'd rather see Lucke Cage and Iron Fist do their Heroes for Hire bit.
At least the Purple Man(as played by the brillant David Tenement) will shine, in fact probably outshine the main character(s) on the show.

I did see some easter eggs, like Gladiator, and the old Atlas logo across from Foggy and Matt's office. Love em.

Oh, and just because Im picking on the X-men, don't think your precious Spider-Man allies and villains are safe...'cause they're not.


googum said...

I'm trying to only watch Daredevil when I'm on my exercise bike, rather than when I'm sitting around eating nachos and reading Twitter. So I'm getting about an episode a day...

Dale Bagwell said...

@Goo: Ha! It's pretty damn good though isn't it?

How far are you, 'caue I'm still need to catch up myself, since I'm on Episode 7. Plan on catching up today.

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