Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top 5: Halloween Songs


So, today's officially Halloween, soooooooo.....

Now I showcased my picks for top Halloween movies, but now it's the time to countdown to the top 5
Halloween or Halloween-inspired songs of all time(for me anyways)

Plus, it's not like I got anything else to talk about today;)

5). "Deadman's Party -Oingo Boingo

This 70's-80's band is probably remembered for two things: They're major hit "Weird Science" used for both the movie and tv series of the same name, and introducing us to the genius that is Danny Elfman. I recommend giving this song a try though. It's catchy, seasonal around Halloween, and just so happened to be featured on one of my favorite Rodney Dangerfield movies, Back to School.

4). "Ghostbusters" - Ray Parker Jr.

I shouldn't even have to explain why this song belongs on the list. I've loved this big, big hit for Ray ever since I first heard it. In additon to be the official theme song of the hit movie of the same name, it also had a crazy, very star-studded music video. Look closely, and if you know your 80's movie stars, they're in it, as well as all 4 original Ghostbusters.

Busting makes me feel good!

FYI, I found out while doing some quick research, that Huey Lewis sued Parker Jr for copyright infringement, claiming that Ghostbusters sounded too much like his song "I want a new drug" also released that year. I guess suing made him feel good;)

3). "Monster Mash" - Bobby"Boris" Pickett

Who hasn't heard this song right? It's been a Halloween stable and radio tradition since 1962, and just like the undead, never stops or goes away. Plus how cool is it that Pickett does his best Boris Karloff impression on this track? You damn right it's cool!

Oh quick funny story(well it is to me anyways)
My ex had this friend she knew while getting into photography named Peter. He told her this crazy story abut having a friend over that was a little nuts, but not too bad that he didn't hang out with her. Anyhoo, she comes over one night drunk as shit, and proceeds to getting even more wasted. Well at one point in the evening, he loses sight of her, and finds her jumping up and dancing around his bed, heavily bleeding out of her ass on top of his very expensive sheets. And the song she was gleefully shitting blood too; You guessed it, the Monster Mash. Now whenever this songs plays, I think about a crazy drunk chick shitting blood on someone's expensive sheets to Monster Mash.

You're welcome for the permanent mental scarring now;)

2). "Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell

Remember this one hit-wonder? The son of legendary Motown owner/producer Barry Gordy,  Rockwell, or as his real name William Kenneth Gordy, struck a chord with radio listeners everywhere with this one. And hey, having Michael Jackson provide backing vocals didn't seem to hurt either. Crazy video though right?

1). "Thriller" - Michael Jackson

It's really hard to top the King of Pop on this one. Every since it came out in 1982 , it's been always associated with this time of year. With an insanely good and well-crafted music video by famed director Jonathan Landis, Thriller really helped cement Jackson's place as a solo artist. That, and who having legendary horror actor Vincent F'N Price add a creepy monologue as only he can, doesn't hurt a damn bit at all.

Well there you have it. My picks for top Halloween songs, and yes I didn't include "Time Warp". Get over it, it's already understood to be a top Halloween stable.

As always, feel free to tell me who your top picks for Halloween songs are.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween, and an awesome weekend:)


karl said...

Gotta love Thriller, even if it was the song that began Michael Jackson's excesses. First time that music actually had a filmic quality matched to it, it was that good. Every other music video had to step up to the mark after this.
Mightnt be scary but I always dug Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights - its the mists, the mad scary eyes [ok maybe its just me!].

Randomnerd said...

No, Karl, it's not just you. :)
I love all those songs on your list, Mr. Morbid, and wouldn't bump a single one, except maybe Oingo Boingo for Warren Zevon's Excitable Boy. Which is a fun, upbeat tune about a serial killer. But hey, he's just excitable.
I also love a band called Ludo's song, Skeletons on Parade. It's off an album they did primarily ripping off other bands' sounds. On purpose. This one is very Dream Theater, but forget that, because it's just cool and reminds you of those old merry melodies cartoons, until they hit the heavy part, but by then you'll be envisioning Slash as a skeleton in a top hat wailing.
Of course, you could include a lot of Nick Cave songs, because he's just sick. Some of them do have redeemable music value, though, and I'd recommend one he did with P.J. Harvey called Henry Lee. Because...dude...P.J. Harvey. It's beautiful and sad and creepy as hell.
I have to agree that Thriller tops every list. For the video alone, but hell, I just love the bit with Price. I used to get so scared at that I'd run out of the room.
Good job, Dale. :) And Happy Halloween.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Exactly. Love em or hate em, MJ really broker big with Thriller. Hell, wasn't Thriller the first video from a black artist on MTV? Kate Bush huh? I'll have to check it out.

@Thx Ging:)

Dan W said...

Thriller will always be number one. That record was just insane. Vincent Price's voice seals the deal too - although Jacko had the disclaimer originally at the start that the film wasn't a reflection on his Jehovah beliefs at the time, as a kid you just ignore that. Bring on the zombies!

Oddly enough Zombie by the Cranberries doesn't even have one!

I love this list and even more that someone remembers Monster Mash too :)

Additions for me would be Dragula - By Rob Zombie (awesome for the name as much as anything else), the twisted video for Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson (Drugs Like Me is a cooler vid, but this one is scarier), and my number two to Thriller would easily be Going Under by Evanescence.

The song compares fame to being haunted by ghouls, and in the vid Amy Lee's makeup is applied by sinister old women, as the crowd morphs into a pack of zombies. Lee eventually overcomes the visions -- only to find that guitarist Ben Moody is a demon as well. Now that's class!

Happy Halloween Dale!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Good good song choices, and yeah, that Black Hole Sun video really is creepy, but in a good way:)

I liked Evanescence too during the period that that album came out, but then they just kept playing it, and I got tired of it. Plus, after awhile, it's like, "please stop bitching and moaning about stuff. It's not that bad." Other than that, those songs were killer, and I'll say she still has one hell of a voice, especially live.

Hope you had a very happy halloween yourself mate;)

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