Monday, October 07, 2013

P and J

What's up people? It's friggin Monday!!!!

So here's my swag from last Saturday:

Thanks to the nice little deal the store had for that day, buy one back issue, get one free, I paid half for what I got.

-Web of Spider-Man#32 , part 4 of the infamous "Kraven's Last Hunt" storyline.
-What If?#90. Really good but depressingly dark story about how much worse being bitten by that radioactive spider really could've been.
-Suicide Squad#3
-Superboy's Legion part 2. Being meaning to get this one to finish the story for awhile now. Very cool and engaging story by the always dependably awesome Alan Davis.
-Before Watchman: Silk Spectre#'s 3-4; BW:Ozymandias#'s 3-4; BW:Nite Owl3's 3-4
Now I'll readily cop to shitting on the premise at the time. I still think it was a big fuck you to Alan Moore, but found the actual stories to be really good. Or at least they are to me, especially Darwyn Cooke's work. Was it worth the big check he probably cashed for his part in the project? Yep. Every fucking penny.
You really don't need to read these stories to get the original work they're based off, but on their own merits, not bad. And it kinda gives some backstory on the individual characters, which again, you don't necessarily need, but it's nice just the same.
-The Batman Begins movie version of The Scarecrow for only 5$. He just looks cool, what can I say?

In the end I only paid 16$ for everything. Not bad at all:)

Ok, now the real reason you even come here, the skits.....
Here's a dose of some P and J for ya:

The End

This is how I'd like to see them interact with each other more often. Doing somewhat buddy stuff like this, even though they're all seriously fucked in the head. Gotta' love it!

Plus how fucking sweet is that Burgess Meredith Penguin? He's my default Penguin now.


Randomnerd said...

We're always talking about the crap the Superheroes do in their locker room, but I think the villains locker room would be a cross between SAW and Laugh In. Especially the DC villains.
Big chuckles for Rag Time Gal, Dale. I love that song! I usually see the Alien doing his little song and dance to it from Spaceballs in my head, but this will make for a nice change.
You got a helluva haul there! I've been interested in reading those Before Watchmen books, but haven't picked them up yet. Been waiting for a good price, like you just got. When they first appeared I didn't even glance at them twice, because it felt kind of...traitorous, to Moore. I'm glad to hear they did a good job at least. Nothing hurts more than a slap in the face than a slap in the face with creative wet poo.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Right? Ooh but to be a fly on the wall of that place. Provided you don't die;)

Love rag time too, so I had to have Pengy do it.

In the beginning, when I first heard about the BW project, I knew it was a blatant attempt by Didio to further cash in off Moore, and again, as a big fuck you as well.
Finally I read some, and fell for them completely. All of them actually. Darwyn Cooke saves the project by doing damn good work, as he usually does. Highly recommended even if Moore wouldn't;)

Randomnerd said...

Knowing his temperament I'm not shocked. Watchmen doesn't need these stories, it's good as is. You're right, it's an effort to cash in. And Moore has always been guarded about his work. But it doesn't necessarily follow that cashing in has to lead to bad work. And they put Darwyn Cooke in there, so I have to assume it was either a lucky break, or a gleam of non-insanity.

Tiger OA1 said...

Man, even the Joker toy is scary.
Saw and Laugh in. Talk a bout a horror movie and bad ham. The survivor of this room should get unlimited riches, seven virgins and beach front property.

Dale this is a good haul, like Random I strait overlooked these books but wanted to read one or two of em. The Kraven story to this day remains one of my favorite Spiderman stories. The Hunter is my guy.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Ha ha, yeah, the Joker, even as a toy is pretty fucking scary. I now own two:)

7 virgins and beach front property eh? So 7 SW or Star Trek nerds and a timeshare then? Ha ha, please no.

You and Ging should really give the Before Watchmen a try. It's not for everyone, and but you do have the whole original cast to choice from and some extra like Moloch and Dollar Bill from the Minutemen as well.

I promise you guys so far, no bad work by Cooke.JMS too if you can believe it;)

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