Monday, November 04, 2013

The Ol' Switcharoo

What's up people?
Welcome to the official first post of the month, and what a doozy of
a skit do I have you guys today.

Today I attempt to address the issue that heroes who shrink like The Atom and Ant-Man have had to face for years; not always being taken seriously by their teammates and comic fans when it comes to the nature of their powers.


The Atom's week as an Avenger.....

                                                   Ant-Man's week as a Justice Leaguer.....

The End.

                                                                  Hey, it could happen.


Randomnerd said...

Oh tiny heroes. You have so much love packed into tiny...packages.
I love the idea of Darkseid being laid low by ants. And Thor just standing there saying, "Verily!" that was icing on the cake. Brilliant crossover, Dale. I laughed, I cried, I might just check under my bed for ants.

karl said...

The Atom always rocked for me, well his crazy wife did, imagine going home to that every night [oh I have - twice!] no wonder he shrunk to microscopic size and disappeared.
Ant-Man - to me the only true one was Hank Pym, not that parvenou Scott Lang, who had the nerve to try it on with the lovely Sue Richards when he became the FFs new scientific inventor when they all thought Reed had took a dirt nap.
But both of them miles and smiles better than the next Atom, Ryan Choi, what a wuss he was. I don't understand why the fans want him back. No good at teaching science, and shit luck at being a hero, he couldn't even bring in his ex Giganta to justice, even after she threatened to swallow him [and you know things aint good when even your ex wont swallow you] so my points for most pointless mini-hero has to go reluctantly to Ray Palmer, he of the day-glo romper suit masquerading as a superhero costume, and the crazy wife who turns to murder just to get his attention [come on, weve all had exes like that].

Dale Bagwell said...

@Ging: Yeah, you probably should. You never know when they might wreck the place. Oh yeah!!!!

Glad you liked it;)

@Karl: I can't say that I have, although all my exes could be guilty of killing my happiness. Does that count?
Scott Lang isn't that bad, plus why leave a good character idea like Ant-Man go to waste. If anybody sucked or was undeserving of the Ant-Man moniker it was the Irredeemable Ant-Man.
'Nuff Said.
Likewise, poor Ryan Choi was only used as a token racially diverse character that no one ever gave a fuck about ad why should they? Try as Gail Simone might, she just couldn't instil in any lasting goodwill towards the character, thus why his off-panel death in the pre-NU52 Deathstroke-led Titans series.

As it usually works, it takes a really good writer/creative team to make a character work, otherwise they get their asses 'fridged.

Randomnerd said...

@dale, Oh nooo! ;) Can't catch me.

The King of Thessaly said...

...but I like mega-hos. Giganta for life, yo!
This all reminds me of Minute Man from that flick The Specials: "My-noot Man! Do I look like a soldier from the Revolutionary War? I don't think so! Am I wearing a three-cornered hat??? No! -I turn small. Think!!!"

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

but i like me some mega hoes from time to time cuz i'm the Juggernaut biiiitch!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Oh well now I gotta
check that one out. Yeah, who doesn't love mega-ho's, especially their mega-pimps, mega-johns, and of course the mega-clinics that try to cure you of the mega-STD's....except for AIDS. Yeah, you're mega-stuck with that:(

Thx for stopping by K.O.T.:)

@Shlomo: But of course;)

Dan W said...

Mini-bros before hoes needs to be on a t-shirt. It would sell gangbusters!

I like Atom saying 'I have the power!' Gets the infinity gauntlet and instantly he's a tv evangelist ;)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Right? I may just have to get off my ass and make these t-shirts after all. Who's with me?

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