Monday, October 28, 2013

AFHS: Action Figure Horror Story

What's up people?

So another monday....another work week huh?
Yeah I hear ya.

I figured I'd get this out of the way, even though I didn't want to start things off on a sad note, but I gotta' do this.

In case you didn't already know Rock Legend Lou Reed died at the ripe old(for his former lifestyle anyways) age of 71. He died from Liver transplant complications that he had gotten last year.

I won't pretend to say I know all there is to know about him and that he was a favorite of mine. He wasn't. But I admire the man's body of work, and the countless number of people and bands his music influenced over the years, such as David Bowie, Marc Bolan of T-Rex, and many, many more.

He first became famous/known for his stint in the 60's cult band The Velvet Underground. A band but together by famous artists Andy Warhol during that whole experimental period of the 60's.

He left the Underground in 1970 to pursue a solo career and never looked back.
He was undoubtedly a true legend and pioneer, and now joins his fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms in rock on a last walk on the wild side.

So when you'r watching the new Playstation commercial with his song "Perfect Day" playing throughout it, just take a quick second to look up and say thank you Lou. I think even he's appreciate it.

Also recently dead at 71, is famous actress and voice personality Marcia Wallace, or as you know her better, Mrs Krabble, the beloved curmudgeon teacher from the Simpsons.

She also played the receptionist on The Bob Newhart Show, as well as various other roles in movies and television.

My mom always says death comes in 3's, so I wonder now who's next......

Alright people, this is the Halloween week, and I have just a skit that's definitely in tune with the holiday.
If you're at all familiar with the very good show on FX, AHS:American Horror Story, then you should kinda have a clue where the title of this one came from.



Yes those are DC versions of the Little People brand, and no, they're not mine. They're my nephew's actually. DC may suck right now comic-wise, but they damn, are they kicking ass and taking names on the character-branding side of things.


Randomnerd said...

I love how Superman's puke looks like it's on fire! Heehee. You know, this is such a demented version of Toy Story that I think it should be made. Also, that juice thing is totally true. It's why I rationed it. I don't know why, but I love poop jokes. Awesome monday, even with the bad news. Thanks Dale. You made me smile. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Aww, thanks Hannah:)
Who knows, maybe one day, someone will come to me with an offer. Stranger things have happened.....

Randomnerd said...

Yeah. Like that damn Kool Aid man crashing through my wall. Again and again and again and again...

Dan W said...

Sure they're not yours :) We're mates mr, and if your bathtime leads to a little superfriend company, far be it from me to object.

I don't know what brought a tear to my eye more. Kiddie Wonder Woman using terms like 'sick fuck' or Superman's 'too much apple juice and pears' - so much for eating healthy having no harmful sideeffects!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: lol, no I swear they're not. I wouldn't mind getting some of the DC ImagineNext vehicles though. Black Manta's sub, Joker's Tank, and Batman's Batplane and cave are all accessories I wouldn't mind getting for myself if they weren't so damn expensive.

Maybe for christmas......

As for the the tears, you know me Dan, nothing says fun to me like ruining someone else's childhood memories. Just keeping up the tradition that Robot Chicken and Toyfare/Wizard magazine started. Plus, with a name like Mr. Morbid, you know it's gonna' be bad, but in a good way;)

Also, and again, Random or anyone with kids can attest to the power of too much juice on a young joey's digestive tract. True story my friend, true, true story:)

Dan W said...

Nice! Very smooth Mr. The ol' 'insert a Christmas Wish on my blog and hope Santa reads it' technique. Nicely played. Beats having to sit on St Nick's knee and ask.

Wait? What do you mean this department store Santa Claus I'm sitting on the knee of, typing this out, is really just a homeless vagrant and his bag of toys is full of $5-a-litre moonshine bourbons? He's got a beard!!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: You know buddy, you know it. Hey, even Santa enjoys a good sick laugh every now and then. Why not from here right? I mean if its good enough you guys, then it's good enough for old saint dick right?

I think Hannah just fainted:)

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