Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top 5 Songs: Gilbert O'Sullivan


Well, obviously there was no post yesterday. Couldn't be helped, jury duty and all.
Thankfully even though I was picked twice in one one week, with two cases in one day, I still came out on top. How you ask?, They fucking settled. People are fucking idiots(except you guys) and I stand by that statement.

Anyhoo, I'm better now, thanks for asking:)

Ok so today's top 5 is all about Mr. Gilbert O'Sullivan.

Who's he you might ask? 

He's the guy famous(or infamous) for one of(if not the) depressing hit song ever, "Alone Again(Naturally)"

Yeah, that guy.

But he also has other hits, contrary to popular belief, and here's the top 5 list of the ones I dig very much:

5). "Happiness Is You And Me"

Well it can be;)  
Popish? You damn straight, but it's still a decent song, and considering the time period this came out in, on par with his peers/contemporaries.

4). "Get Down"
This one's disco three years before disco even got started. Not a bad one per say, but I won't lie to ya. Only one really white people dance to this one. What, it's the truth! Watch the video and you tell me.

Now Queen's "Get Down, Make Love" on the other hand......

3). "Alone Again(Naturally)"

Of course I gotta include the one he's must famous for. It's a true classic despite making you want to eat a bullet by the end of it. Definitely not something to play for someone on hold on a Suicide Hotline is all I'm saying:)

2). "Claire"

At first I  thought this was a song about a guy dating a much younger chick, until I really started paying attention to the lyrics. That and the little girl's laugh at the end, told me something was up. The whole thing sounded super creepy/pedophilish until I learned he wrote the song about his daughter. Whew! What a relief. It really is a sweet, sweet song though, so go Claire!

1). "What's In A Kiss"

So far this is my favorite of the bunch. It's an interesting and timeless question, plus the man just has a way with words. And who of us doesn't respect that?

Here's a sample of some of the lyrics:

"What's in a kiss
Have you ever wondered just what it is
More perhaps than just a moment of bliss
Tell me what's in a kiss.
What's in a dream
Is it all the things you'd like to have been
All the places that you haven't yet seen
Tell me what's in a dream."

Sweet right? 
Is it poppy as hell? Damn straight, 'tis his speciality after all, writing pop songs.

The old bird's even still touring in the UK, and any place that'll let perform I guess.
God bless 'em I say.

And that's me for this week, have a good/great one weekend guys!


karl said...

What, they seetled? Settled? That's no fucking use, here in hang 'em and flog 'em UK our lives aernt complete if we don't send someone to the gallows at least once a week. Twice, if we're feeling particularly bloodthirsty.
Still, I love locking them up regardless.
Gilbert O Sullllvan...every few years here someone asks whatever happened to him, and all his old songs are trundled out. Hes a gifted songwriter, and should be featured some more in todays shows, maybe if some of his songs had been featured on programmes like Glee [Christ, I mentioned THAT show, pass me my gun] young 'uns would sing them more. All round thouroughly decent chap, is ol Gilbert, and barely changed since the early 70s whenever hes interviewed.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Oh here too, but these were small, shit-ass, waste of time, civil cases they had no business on the court docket anyways.

Dude's truly talented and vastly underrated I'd say. And yes, his songs would be ideal fodder for Glee. I'll not only pass you the, I'll load it myself right after I'm done using it. Ex and I watched the first season, so I hear your pain:)

Randomnerd said...

The one time I got picked for jury duty the guy pleaded out before we made it into the courtroom. Lucky break? Oh yes. Especially since I was so pissed at having been drawn into it that I was willing to send someone up for life for parking tickets.
I'm not bloodthirsty, I just like people to suffer at a rate exponential to me. :D
Please, please don't say the "G" word too loud. I'm in remission. I finally quit the beast, and I'm not going back. Plus, I'd like any songs and songwriters I like to stay off the show, thus maintaining more of my respect for them.
People don't sit and write decent pop songs without autotune anymore. Or just about silly things, or heartfelt stuff. It's all about "your own power", "the breakup", or "ironically silly hipster trends".
And I really want one of those furs those girls got to wear in the Get Down video. Because it's cool.

Dan W said...

I've heard of him but never actually heard him until now, thanks Dale - see you can teach an old dog new tricks!

As for Jury Duty did you get in the news? That's always good when a few minutes of TV time gets thrown in for free... as long as it ain't on cops.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Ging: You wanna rock one of those furs huh? Like Macklemore said, let's go to the thrift shop:)

Same exact things happened to me wednesday, so yeah, I feel the same way. Shit like is a massive waste of time no matter what they tell you, unless it's a serious criminal case.

@Dan: No, just a simple civil bs case. Didn't even hear what it was about since it was settled before we had a chance to find out wtf it was all about. Thank god!!!

Never heard Mr. O'Sullivan huh? even the suicide anthem? Huh. Well hell nothing wrong with learning new stuff, I still do it all the time man.

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