Monday, October 14, 2013

We Won't Doom!

What's up people, Happy Columbus day!

well not for me. Jury Duty, thus why the late post.
Yep, and not just that, Mr. Morbid got picked twice! Twice for one day's worth of stupid ass civil cases.
Didn't think that was possible. Definitely wasn't the case the last time I served.

Onto today's skit, and a little rant about Miley Cyrus.


The End

How does Doom not have his own reality show by now? Ha ha.


Randomnerd said...

At the very least, he should fill in on American Idol. I'd pay per view that to see his feedback. And maybe some doombots.
Heehee. The tongue thing did it for me too. You can only do so much for your butt, but your tongue can stay in your mouth. Or at least practice that stuff before stage time. Doomit.

Dan W said...

On American Idol he'd be great! 'You dare assault the ears of your living monarch with thy wailing? There is more beauty in my gauntlet than your talents and that shall provide your ultimate response 'kaBLAST! (Smoking pile of embers on floor scares contestants to follow but provides ratings and YouTube smash)

As for his mojo Doom I'm sure would let out the odd 'whose your dictator?' Poor miley... Hannah Montana never got into this type of trouble!

Tiger OA1 said...

Ahhh Doom loves it. Last panel is great. Miley just wants the Hanna Montana stigma off of persona. She over did it with the rebellious teenager turn adult thing but hey she made the house of fun. I say... do some mo shit. We'll laugh, she'll make more money, and the media will have done it's job.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: if that happened, I'd actually watch American Idol, nay Doom Idol!

@Dan: Right? I guess my new skit idea just wrote itself...

@Tiger: She really is going about it the wrong way. I get distancing yourself from what made you famous in the first place, but jesus, not by dry-humping a sledge hammer and wrecking ball. Let's leave construction workers out of this huh?;)

Glad you guys enjoyed it, 'cause I had fun making Doom roast her ass:)

karl said...

On my FF forum I personally coined a term for Valeria Richards - Maleria. I also several weeks back compared her to Miley by calling her Miley VIRUS, shes that bad truly.
But even poor Doomsie wouldn't put up with that little brat Miley - who could, all that twerking whatever it is, and that tongue pulling going on. The only time I want to see a young woman with her tongue out is when I unzip my pants.
Doom has allied himself with Nazi sympathizers, the Red Skull, even Mephisto but no-one with any sense would tolerate this twerking twat. Who'd thunk that twenty years ago when women were flicking their collective beans at Billy Ray Cyrus we'd all later be afflicted with the result of him not bothering to just jerk off one night instead of shtupping his wife.

Still, at least Doom's method of birth control in these pics is similar to mine.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Ha ha! Karl brother, you are indeed the man. I'd say if anything, Doom's playing fast and loose with us. Perhaps it's really he that;s behind the Miley phenomenon and he's just making it easier for him to take over America. He might be onto something.

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