Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Will the real Superman please stand up?

This skit comes from the idea I had, and probably influenced by Googum, about Hyperion and Ultraman battling it out over who's the ideal rival for Superman.


The End

After watching the DCAC Animated Crisis on 2 Earths movie, I'll always see Ultraman as a juice- head/Jersey Shore guy.

Any Sixpence None The Richer fans out there?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

late last year i picked up a Marvel Universe Deluxe back issue with Hyperion in it. the bio for him was so long and convoluted i couldn't finish reading it even though i've always been curious about the character. i never did read Squadron supreme back in the day maybe that would have helped make more sense of his bio.

Dan W said...

Nice! Us Ginga's can take anybody though, it's why we avoid sunlight. It's not that we don't Dan, we just store it to use in Street-Fighter-ish fashion against people talking i movie theatres or wayward Supermen imposters. You know. The usual.

The last few official scenes also look like clips from 'Showertime at the Superman Spa' but that's another Oprah.

Good work amigo!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Really? He's just a knock-off of Superman, but with Atomic powers or something like that.
Now the JMS version is slightly more complicated, but not by much.
I recommend you pick up the original Squadron Supreme trade and see for yourself what many say was essentially Kingdom Come with a splash of Civil War ten years earlier.

Btw, how the hell are you man? How's life/work been treating you?

@Dan: Ha ha, yeah, that's what Random keeps telling me. As for people talking during movies....
nuff said. If homicide was legal during those times, I'd be a hardened serial killer by now.

"Showertime at the Superman Spa" huh? New skit idea or bad dream, not sure which, but thx for the suggestion mate;)

Randomnerd said...

Gingers lurk in dark corners ready to jump anyone whom we disapprove of. Or approve of. It's pretty random. Just watch out for the gleam off our fiery hair. Tis nature's way of both attracting prey and warning it.
A Ginger could kick Superman's ass, but why? Then we'd have all that press, and work related to the fallout. Gingers are smarter than that.

karl said...

I haven't read Squadron supreme in so long I still thought HYPErion was a bad guy, not this lame Sentry wannabe knock-off in the current Avengers book. What is it with Marvel's lame-ass attempts with trying to get another Superman wannabe. Cant imagine any iteration of Supes would waste his red underpants bothering to fight him, hes a wuss. for some odd reason he reminds me of a ginger Ultra Boy from the Legion.

Dale Bagwell said...

Random: You'd think so right? I guess other than maybe Mark here, I can't think of any other Gingers Supes has fought other than his pal Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang. Anyone else?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: As often with characters like these, it all depends on the writers/creative team on how they're handled Karl. Marvel's probably had Superman-envy for years, they just hid it better back then since the focus was on Thor and Hulk. Nowadays the grown up fanboys writing these things have let that wish-fulfillment get in the way of good storytelling. Listen, if you want to write about Superman, then go to DC. You're supposed to be working at Marvel, so write like the competition's main guy isn't there. Sound simple enough right?
And yet writers like Bendis, and now Hickman, and really any other writer has to bash Superman by using a poor knock-off to write about.

At least when Steve Gerber and Paul Jenkins did it, it was a well-thought out and intelligent approach, rather than satire for satire's sake.

Gary said...

Looks like I'm duty bound to proclaim my membership of the Ginger Brotherhood; man, you've got a lot of us hanging round here, Dale!

Dan W said...

Aside from Solaris, who is a bid red-headed ball of anger with a glare like Random says, Lex Luthor's son was a ginga in the 90's - and bordered on a mullet too!

I mean us redheads have a secret plan for world domination (hence all the subliminal messages in Archie Comics - what you thought that company was still going due to popularity?) but we didn't think a redhead sympathiser/editor at DC would try and be so blatant about our intent.

Still when a 'coppertop' has been Superman's main foe, all others rogues are kinda tame. Until Darkseid discovers Rogaine at the chemist that is.

Randomnerd said...

@Dan, I'm sure he already has. He's just hiding it under a helmet.

But I still assert that gingers in comics aren't written by true gingers. And those that are do so only to divert attention from the real mission of world domination.
Which, of course, involves several large trucks and the world's supply of fun size snickers bars.

Dale Bagwell said...

@ALL: Okay, now I think I'm starting to get scared;) Jesus, and you guys are supposed be going extinct too!

So, no baldie love? Damnit:( The Cheese stands alone then....
That's cool, I'll just play it safe and bribe you all with the promise of sunscreen and fun size snickers bars so you'll work for me....World domination indeed:)

Randomnerd said...

It's okay Dale. We'll always need our token Baldies. ;)

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