Wednesday, October 02, 2013

"I Am He As You Are He As You Are Me And We Are All Together"

Holy Shit! is it Wednesday already?
Fuck, where does the week go?

Well, I decided, since I was being extra creative and finished 5 new skits, 2 of which have been already posted, that I'd through you guys a friggin bonus, and post a new skit.  Yay!!!!!

Not impressed?

Damn, Hannah/Randomnerd was right, I realy do spoil you guys too much:)

The End

Ahhh, mistaken identity. Never gets old does it?:)


Randomnerd said...

Ha! I was already laughing, and then the last panel hit and I almost did a spit take. Captain Marvel gripping Namor's leg is an image I'll carry with me forever!
You do spoil us, Mr. Morbid, and we love you for it. Thank you. :) You make hump day easy.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Awww thx. Glad you enjoyed it. What can I say, I love you guys too! All of you, you sickos:)

karl said...

Hey we FF fans always wanna kick the shit outta Namor, or Norma as call him on our FF forum, hes so sleazy. He deserves a beatdown from every hero you can find. In the [slightly pornographic] novel I read recently about superheroes and their sex lives [I still cant get that image of Batman fisting Chloe Sevigny out of my head] Norma came across as a sleazy old man in green speedos hitting on young women. I hate that sort of thing, don't you - especially if someone beats me to it first, lol.
But what the hell did Sue ever see in Norma? he wears green speedos, has fucking wings on his feet and must stink of fish [and not in the good way] no Sue dear stick with Reed; in said aforementioned novel he uses his stretching power to...oh, no its too depraved even for the internet. I'll stick to just sticking it up women's asses, thanks.
Oh dale that seventh panel's word balloons are difficult to see, its a bit fuzzy, could ya fix it?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: I'll get on that right away sir. And how was your birthday?

I don't see what Sue saw in him either, other than he was royality, different from Reed in that he p[aid her attention to the point of stalking her. Women just like to feel needed and wanted, and Namor did just that for Sue.

But yeah, I'd figure with Reed's stretching power, she'd be all like "Namor who?" Even Subby can't compare to that unless he's using his fish friends like an octopus for those hard to reach places;)

karl said...

My birthday went quiet[for once] but great thanks Dale; me and my friends played Grand Theft Auto and tried out the new Marvel Lego demo. Bit too old for birthday cake [ok I hear you and Hannah shouting 'youre never too old for cake!!'] but I did get my ass as promised. Dunno what I wanted more, cake or ass.

Maybe cake.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Maybe it's just me, but I definitely read what you wrote in an english accent, then re-read it in Sir Antony Hoppins's voice:)

Glad you got ass. Why make a choice and do both. The food'll help motivate you to pump harder in order to burn off the calories?

Why are you writing this down? ;)

Interestingly enough I feel the same way about cake as you do. I don't care for it. Nothing personal, just not big fan of it and haven't been for years. I'll go with a nice brownie or cupcake myself. Or even better, buy me a beer to shot:)

Randomnerd said...

Heehee. "Cake and ass" as read by Sir Anthony Hopkins. Nice.

I agree, you need the first to give you the energy for the next. Or better yet, have it during. Glad you had a good birthday. I usually play video games on mine too. I'm really jealous you got to demo Lego Marvels, because I haven't yet.

@Karl, I read that book, and I agree, the Batman bits are definitely hard to get out of your head. But I loved the Namor characterism. Spot on with the entertainment show battle between him and Mystique. Although I was kind of hoping he'd be one of the ones to go poof.

I never saw the attraction for Norma from Sue, either. Unless maybe it was just a "I've been with this one guy since I was young and it's nice to be hit on even if he is slightly creepy" thing. Every girl likes a little attention. But to actually go "there"? Nah. Not so much. No one likes that fishy smell.

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly Ging. Just nasty.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well at least they have different hair cuts. a Mr. Spock figure some where in this skit could have worked well too.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Oh definitely, him too! They all look alike, a fact I was trying to highlight with Namor and Black Adam. The only way you'd be able to tell them apart is by the clothes, and Namor's ankle wings. That's it. You'd think the big two would rectify that.

Randomnerd said...

One of them needs a mustache. Oh wait. Then they'd be Sinestro.

Tiger OA1 said...

Adam had a bad day. The last panel...perfect.

Now what does Sue see in Namor? A cool ass self confident King that knows what to do with a woman. It's only so much Reed can do with the balloon effect. But some skills, stamina and an octopus goes the distance son.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: LOL man! Octopi really do help you go the distance, either as an penis enlarger/extender or taken as a supplement, it'll as the stereotypical asian would say "make your pee pee grow ronger and harda!"

LOL, it, it probably doesn't;)

Tiger OA1 said...

kekekeke.....very funny.

Dale Bagwell said...


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