Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meme Mondays on Thursday


So it's Thursday true, but that doesn't mean I can't have a little Meme Monday madness going on today anyways right?


Because faithful reader Karl requested it, here's more FF Meme fun:

 And now for some Batman memes:

Finally, some Iron Man memes:

Have a good/great weekend guys:)


karl said...

How spiffing for you to namecheck me , Dale, Im most flattened, er, flattered!
Those old FF cartoons sure lend themselves to perverse situations, don't they. Youd swear if there was no sound you would struggle to understand why the FF would hang about with each other, esp as one ep saw Johhny and Ben share a bedroom, and in another Sue and Reed shared the same but in separate beds, oh the humanity it resounds, it resounds...
On the FF forum I co-host, we have one unfortunate bitch who actually has sexual fantasies about the Thing [no, really, its sick[ its all 'Thing, Thing show us your thing ring' and shit like that, makes me feel quite ill.
That Super-Skrull memes [all 2 of 'em!] were screams. I recall that same ep where Reed punched a slab of concrete the Skrull held up and it was so intense and I nearly threw up, sweet delicate young thang that I was [er, still am].
Right, off to work for me. Thanks again for the namecheck.
[does the Thing even have a ring, ugh best not to ask such things].

Randomnerd said...

Despite that meme, or maybe because of it, I really want White Castle now. And I'm not even drunk.
Mmmm. Onions. Pickle. Grease. Whiteee. Castttleee.

At the time I was watching the classic Batman show, I was not aware how every female looked like a stripper. I was just...oooh. Sparkly costume! I still say it's the best Batgirl suit ever. In fact, I've never dressed as Batgirl, because I've never been able to replicate that exact suit.
Thanks Mr. M. I'll meet you in the weekend at the bottom of the wine bott...I mean, Batpole.
That's really not much better is it? Let's go back to the bottle.

Randomnerd said...

@ Karl, Rest assured, most female FF fans have had no sexual fantasies whatsoever about the Thing's thing. Ever. I always figured he was hands off anyway. He's taken. So was Reed. And Johnny, was, well. Johnny. No thank you. Ew.
Maybe she needs psychiatric help? I'd hate to think what she'd do to people on a Hulk forum

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: No problem buddy, glad you enjoyed em;)
But seriously, there's a chick with a Thing fetish? Seriously!?
It's like I say, people are fucking weird.

@Random: ;), we really tell each other the sweetest and somewhat fucked up things don't we? LOL.

karl said...

oh God shes weird, honestly. She plagues us on the FF forum, dissecting everything the Thing says in each issue. Last week we were 'treated' to her Freudian explantions over why he turns rocky and orange. Id rather not know, thanks.
and we were even more shocked recently to hear she was a 32 yr old woman who still lives at home and has a bedroom of David Cassidy posters. Whos proud of admitting something like that on a public forum, Id rather admit Im joining the Taliban [Im not, btw] that do something like that *bbbrrrrr*...

Randomnerd said...

@Dale I really wouldn't have it any other way. :)

@ Karl, Wow. Yeah, I really wouldn't admit that. I'm pretty sure I'd make up a totally believable story the exact opposite of that. Hello, my name is Joe. I do not live at home and I have a picture on my desk that did not come with the frame.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Me too:)

@Karl and Random: I guess now would be a wrong time to admit I'm also 32 and currently living back home?
Not by choice mind you, but yeah.
Gee, thanks for making me feel bad:(

Randomnerd said...

But we like you. :) And you don't have a poster of David Cassidy on the wall, do you?

Dan W said...

Hah - for shits and giggs when I was on the radio we used to do the totally un pc thing of slowing Nelly Furtardos Im like a bird right down so it seemed like someone with a speech impediment was singing it and cry hysterically at the new meaning it gave the lyrics and compose ourselves before the actual songs going to air had finished. I tell ya, radio folk are all twisted ;)

We dont have white castle here, but we do have burger fuel. You should come try! Never met a fuel burger i didn't like :)

as for fantasies about the FF, can't say the ideas ever popped in their. It's like thinkiing about your parents being active for some reason. you just don't go there :)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Thx Ging, it's nice to liked:)
and no, no I don't.......anymore;)

@Dan: Now that sounds like fun! Damn, I wish I had been there during your dj days. Oh the fun with the records and stuff we'd have.....

As for that crazy chick with the Thing fantasies....even Stan Lee wouldn't touch that one;)

The King of Thessaly said...

I know this is off topic- but have you seen the fraggin' New52-Lobo? BARF!!!!!! -Looks like a character from Witchblade or The Darkness like every other redesign... but even more so this time. How can THAT be the Maim-Man?!? DC just keeps digging this hole. I know I should not care- because I'm not buying the books anyways but it still stings the nostalgia-core to see this shit pass. What do you think?

Randomnerd said...

I just saw it. I had to do a double take. Then a triple. Then go take a drink. I feel emasculated. And I'm a chick. I can only imagine how Lobo must feel. It's like they took a vacuum cleaner and sucked all the badass out of him. Then made him read Twilight.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King and Random: Ye ah, yeah I did. Between Ben Affleck, the end of my much beloved DCUC toy line,Justice League Canada, and now Lobo, it looks like DC is trying its damndest to to score controversy points and drive off all but very new readers.
Mission Accomplished guys.

Heading back to the safety of my back issues and figures for now:(

karl said...

Justice League...CANADA?!?!
Did I read that right?
Are the big bosses at DC on drugs or something?

Randomnerd said...

Actually, I think drugs might improve the writing.
Or the reading.
Nope. Definitely the writing.

The King of Thessaly said...

@Dale: Fuck- if they drive off everyone BUT the new readers- their sales will be at the lowest they've ever been! Right now- their sales are the same as they were pre-reboot. All they did was spike for a bit- lose faithful readers, gain some kids- and break even... Anything like "Twilight-Lobo" there, that they do now, can only drive off more adult readers, like you say. That's such bad business.
I'm not so shocked/angry about Ben Batman. I actually liked DareDevil for what it was... The biggest complaints I had about it were non-Greek Electra and non-costumed Bullseye... I did not like Man of Steel at all, so- not really looking forward to the sequel anyways. -No matter who is in it.

@Karl: The JLC, that's right... It's NOT Alpha-Flight. *cough* Because, ummm- the Green Lantern with guns is in it?

@Random: I'm ON drugs and it helps with neither.

Dale Bagwell said...

The King has spoken....and he is correct:0
"The drugs don't work, they just make it worse...."

At least that's what The Verve said;)

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