Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back Issue Spotlight: Justice League of America #200

Happy Hump Day people.

So today I wanted to dig into the back issue bins and briefly talk about this classic from the 80's, or rather March of 1982:

Justice League of America #200.

This was the big 200th issue , not to mention the 22nd year anniversary of the first appearance of the Justice League.
And just like the cover proudly proclaimed, it was also a 72-page giant, with artists working on the book ranging from Brian Bolland to Joe Kubert to Carmine Infantino. Both recently passed of course:(

The main plot of the story is this:
The alien invaders from the planet Appellex that caused the team to form in the first place are back, and in a big way.
They've caused the original members of the team to go find leftover meteors with the alien invaders' essences inside. This pits og leaguers vs. the newer recruits such as Red Tornado, Zatanna, Elongated Man, The Atom, Firestorm, and Black Canary with Green Arrow along for the ride.

It's cool how the leaguer vs. Leaguer chapters are handled, as each artist on the book gets to draw his or her signature character. Like for example, Jim Aparo drew Aquaman's fight against the Red Tornado. Or how Brian Bolland drew Batman, or how Infantino handled his classic creations The Flash and Elongated Man. Plus seeing the legendary Joe Kubert draw Superman vs. Hawkman was awesome! Not to mention Gil f'n Kane drawing a slugfest between his signature characters Green Lantern and the Atom in his classic style.

Of course the hypnotized leaguers break the spell and everyone joins in to put away the Appellexians for good......until time.

Buy it if you don't already own it, for the sweet George Perez cover and stay for the wild variety of classic artists allowed to work their magic once more.
It'll make you hate the reboot that much more. Guaranteed.

Btw, here's my swag for the week:

-2 copies of the new issue of Batman '66.
Did I say 2 copies? Hmmm;)

-#'s 4, 5, 6 of Suicide Squad
-Secret Origins#17 feat. Adam strange and Dr. Occult.
-The Question#1 by Denny O'Neil and Denys Cowan.
-Justice League Dark #23. Part 5 of Trinity war.
-4 DC's Who's Who featuring the I's, the N's, the M's and the P's.
I'm a sucker for those who's Who I tell ya:)

Also btw, since internet is down on my block due to power maintenance, I was forced to use the Blogger app on my smart phone to type this all up.

Thank god for smart phones right?


Randomnerd said...

Thank God for smartphones indeed! :) Two copies *ears perk up* Things that make me go hmm.
I love the old Justice League header. It gives me warm fuzzies seeing it on the masthead of a comic. I don't own number 200, but I have read it. So it's a treat seeing it here, recounted. It's a beautiful issue, a true tribute to writing and illustrative genius. I'm a sucker for head to head battles. I don't get tired of the schtick (if it's done well) because of all the time I've spent pondering the question "who would win if so-and-so battled so-and-so". We've all done it. Sometimes in this blog. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Ha ha right?
Oh the joys of the back issue bin. It's quaintness is only measured in direct proportion to the assholes who don't get it and never will(ex:Didio)

Randomnerd said...

I honestly believe the man thinks it's beneath him to stoop over and look at a back issue bin.

Tiger OA1 said...

You got a good swag pull this week. I need SS #6 and this issue of Justice League. I'm with random, I luv the head to head battles and big group shots.

I wonder how Hal feels getting punched out by the Atom?

Gary said...

Man, Bolland's art on the Arrow/Canary/Batman section is just stunning.

Randomnerd said...

@Tiger, Ouch?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Pwned. I would definitely say Hal felt Pwned right there;)

@Gary: Ah Gary, what's up man?
Yes, yes it is. But then when isn't Bolland's work not stunning?
Hell I bet even his poop looks like a masterpiece;)

The King of Thessaly said...

Fuck yeah, dude! -Denny O'Neil's Question is absolutely amazing! I have the entire run. It's one of my favorite things ever. Good finds!
...Trinity War? Really??? I am ashamed for you.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Yeah I know, but it leads to the CSA coming back baby, and I'm a sucker for em.
But yeah that Question series is great, especially the first arc.
Man Vic was such an asshole back then;)

Dan W said...

I always loved how far Elongated Man's head flew after the Flash punch on the cover - lol that's how a hero punches! :)

Batman vs Canary would go down the complete opposite to how it did back then. She wouldn't even need arrow!

Has to be one of the issues that truly defines milestone though doesn't it. The world just needs more back issue bins so other folk can find em :)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Exactly. It really does, especially to remind younger or older readers just how rich in history and talent DC used to be.

But I do disagree with you on Black Canary besting Batman, if that's what you were alluding to.
Not because she's a chick, no, because He's Batman. 'Nuff said:)

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