Monday, August 05, 2013

Meme Mondays: Dan Didio and Friends.....


Ok, maybe not.

So how was the weekend for you guys?
Mine was pretty damn good.

It was my birthday yesterday, so I did it up right.
Went and got a tattoo, and yes, I found a place open on Sundays. I was surprised too, but I really, really wanted one for birthday, so that's what I did.

And here's what it looks like:

Now I told the guy that did it, that I wanted blue highlights to add shade and depth. I probably should've been more descriptive since he put that blue boarder around it, but it still looks good to me, And it's Batman. 'Nuff Said.

Oh and here's the rest of my Birthday swag from others family and friends:

So all in all, a damn good day!

So, today's Meme Mondays. Let's get cracking shall we?


Finally, just wanted to say again, thanks to everyone for the well wishes and birthday shout outs. I really appreciate it guys;)


Randomnerd said...

Boy, you made out like...well. Like Dan Didio at an editorial meeting. :) Nice Giant Man Figure. Did the Scarlet Witch faint when she saw him?
I love Didio memes. He's so easy to make fun of. But the ones without his picture, just showing the REALLY SAD PEOPLE, waxing poetic about the times that used to I almost teared up. And I couldn't tell if it was from sadness or hilarity. So I count that brilliance. Thirty two is treating you right so far.

karl said...

Hey you had a great birthday that's brilliant, and what a cracking tattoo, very 60s Batman tv show inspired.
Just action figures did you get? Sure you didn't get anything else [discretion advised but not compulsory]?
And is that Haribo I spot in that photo? Me loves the Haribo!

I also hate Dan Dildo - I recall the six-month postcard campaign we ran for the upcoming 600th issue of Wonder Woman - if we got 600 postcards DC would return the original numbering so we would get an issue 600.
Well, we got it certainly - only over a year later for the comic to be rebooted with a new number one.
Imm sure that fucker never read a comic in his LIFE, Im certain.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Ha ha, aren't the sad people funny? Anyway I can stick it to Didio without, you know, actually sticking anything in him, I will.
So far so good 32-wise. I just hope I've learned from 31's mistakes, and move on from there.

@Karl: The bat-symbol is kinda lie the retro 50's symbol. I did't want the oval/tv-showed inspired one myself, bc it's so overused and typical. But like I said, I'm enjoying it so far.
I think I'm good for now on that front, but who knows....

I got the Giant-Man figure, with Wasp thrown in free. I bought the Scarlet Witch, so hurray for incest? No? Only in the south then;)
As well as the Young Justice Batman set that included a half-building and other neat shit.

Haribo yes! I'm a big fan and have been ever sine I lived in Germany, so yeah.

Oh, one of my friends bought me the a huge 50 years of Playboy book. So many decades for my hands to choose from, lol!
Let's see, Avengers Assemble slip n slide. Just let me know when you guys want to come over, and I'll have it set up for ya:)

That's about it and more candy.
As for Didio, you have to really wonder, bc his writing skills are fucking atrocious, and not at all in a funny/comedic way. It's just plain sad and frustrating.
He wasn't even a comic guy. he worked for anther wing of publishing, like magazines and shit, so what the fuck does he know? And yes, I do recall that former DC president Janette Kahn also was in other branches of publishing, but she actually made DC a better, more viable company in the years she was in charge. What's Didio done except try his damndest to kill and rape our childhood memories, whilst writing the ultimate in fan-fiction.....and horribly.

Gee, can you tell how bitter I am on this topic? Haha.

Thanks for stopping Karl. Always a pleasure:)

Dan W said...

Glad you had a good day mr! Giant Man rules - he looks like two He-Man's and half a Skeletor high!

Karl - one of those postcards was actually mine! Do you know how much postcards cost to send to another hemoisphere? (well actually not that much but I was in a dramatic moment so I rolled with it) - still may have well set it a light for all the good it did DC's 87652842568th most important charac..(cough) I mean female part of the trinity.

Avengers slip n slide? Now that sounds like the perfect match for Avengers cocktails. And we can get Batman tattoos after so it's like a group patch. Deal?

Now to prove I'm not a robot... If sirens flash as you're reading this I failed the puzzle....

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Dude you just say the word and we all gettin em, dealer's choice. All after a few rounds and some herbal refreshments of course. Priorities you know;)

Poor Dan tried to make a difference and was shut down by the man. Al as a moral is hidden within that puzzle of yours Dan. Solve it quickly!
Ha ha thx for stopping by as always. Oh, and you left a mess in your room last night. Yeah the official House Of Fun maid said there was broken Fosters bottles everywhere and a sock on a kiwi bird's penis. Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do;)

Tiger OA1 said...

Dale you hit big today the meme's were on point. And what's up with a Giant man, Wasp, Hawkeye skit?

Randomnerd said...

@Dan, I'm down with the party deal, but I get to pick where the tattoo goes. I'm not ending up with the batsignal on my forehead. You know that's what you guys would do. Don't try to deny it.
@Tiger, YES. Dale needs to do that skit. Oh, what horrible things can he do with a giant action figure? Tune in next time on Mr. Morbid's house of Fun!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random, we would, but I promise it'd cover your scarmouth;)

You know.....:)

@Tiger: Thx for the praise man, always appreciate it. So you want a Giantman/Wasp/Scarlet Witch skit huh?
That can be arranged sir, that can be arranged;)

Randomnerd said...

Well, that's one thing to do with a big crack on your forhead. Put teeth on it and call it Herby.

Dale Bagwell said...

"Herby and Hannah", "Herby and Hannah", lallalalalalalalala:0
I can see it;)

googum said...

Fudd, I don't know if I ever told you, but my Giant-Man from that Wal-Mart wave...doesn't have feet. I couldn't justify buying Age of Apocalypse Wolvie and Sabertooth...even though they were about half the price of figures now.

Right fine tattoo, too!

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