Monday, August 19, 2013

Ooga Booga!

I figured this skit'll either make @Tiger Agent's day, or make it worse.
we shall see.......

The End

And here's the meme that inspired today's skit:

Let's see....oh yeah.

-No Meme Monday today, because I honestly forgot to do it, so Wednesday then on it.

-Bought a lose DCUC Black Canary figure, so Ollie should be happy. Both of them;)
And bought the DCUC Wave 20 All-Star version of Hal. Why? Because he's modern and shiny, just like the NU52 version that'll probably never see the light of day since the line's cancelled.

And that's what I did over the weekend, besides play with my new smart phone all day.
Hey, don't judge! You know you guys do it too, and better smart phones no less probably;0


Tiger OA1 said...

The Hell wit you Bitches, don't talk to me until Black History month.

Dale Bagwell said...

@TigerOA!: It appears we have a fan and a happy one at that:)

Tiger OA1 said...

Nah, I'm joking. You got to the funny in things. And I agree with the Wasp. Who even knew Manta was Black until Geoff came along.

This was a good one my friend. And I just finished reading a couple of chapters of the British Imperial Experience and saw what and how the so called royals feel about everybody. So Hell....where the white people at?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Too true, and they assure me they'll be here momentarily.
Now where the black women at!?:)

karl said...

Oh Tiger don't take on so...we British aernt feeling like that about everybody....just da ones that aint English *snork.*
Who knew Black Manta was black...who cares I just wanna know how he can find his way around under da sea with that fishbowl helmet on his head.
AGH female Dove....wheres the original male Dove, hes the onlu authentic one I acknowledge. Female Dove's only remind me of one thing...Liefeld. think Id sooner wear Manta's helmet and smoke a rasts spliff [no idea what that is btw].

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Not a big fan of the female Dove I see. Yeah You probably dislike her due to Liefield, but Karl and Barbara Kesel did their best to make her interesting. But yeah, I'd have liked to see the original Don Hall Dove figure as well, but alas, Mattel didn't agree with em.
The only way to see him in figure form is the JLU figure.

Can I join you for that spliff though? Herb's kinda my thing;)
Puff, puff, pass Karl:)

Dan W said...

I love Jan's answer for why her head's like that lol sick but funny :) I got that Wasp as a gift. When you unwrap the Wasp it's hard to look happily surprised but I did my best.

You gotta wonder what else in that helmet aside from his head right. It's huge! You could at least fit a few cans of beer and some porn movies on weekly hire. Hey, all I'm saying is if you swim the seven seas all day you need some inflight entertainment.

Almost as bad as people chokin' the tokin'. Sharing is caring ya'll.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Glad you liked it mate:)
dude, there's realy no telling or limit as to what can really fit in that helmet system. If he's a fan of the ganja like I am, then he'll have snacks, spliffs, maybe even a dutch master or two(perfect for blunts)some beer(but not Foster's right dan?;) and yes indeed, some girls gone wild compilation dvds. Plus an issue or two of XXL magazine and maybe an issue of Jet just to play that stereotype card:)

Randomnerd said...

The helmet has always been a source of mystification for me. I cannot come up with a logical explanation for it's shape. Or how he has any peripheral vision.

And I honestly never knew he was actually black until...well. I'm not saying. It's embarrassing.

Freaking funny skit. I love it when I know what the editor's note refers to. :)

Tiger OA1 said...

Oh, Random you got to tell us about the editors reference I might of missed it?

@Karl: man you one of those aristocracy royal types? Can I get a grant, a big one?

@Dale: man we can get to those women after Karl hook us up with some ends.

@Dan: Jan's neck was funny. Pym particles are a mutha fucker huh?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: :) The rhythms gonna get ya the rhythms gonna get ya, the rhythms gonna get you.....tonight!;)

@Tiger: The editor's note just explains why Jan's neck is so fucked up. Here's a hint, go back and read post#400. Hank slaps her, thus why the neck injury:)

Karl's a Brit, of course he's aristocratic. It's in his blood, he can't help it;)

But yeah, he can hook me up with some green ends anytime;)

Randomnerd said...

I'm just sitting back and laughing at all of you now. :) You guys crack me up.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Oh you didn't know? Yo ass better caaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Sorry, big New Age Outlaws fan:)

We bring the funny and the funky around The House;)

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