Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So Who Would Win: Superman vs. Hyperion

Is it Hump Day already?

So here's my new swag from my local friendly neighborhood comic shop:

  • DC's Who's Who with Dr.Fate and the Green Lantern Corps.
  • #'s 1-5 of DC's and Darwyn Cooke's Before Watchman: Minutemen. I know talked shit about the concept since it was so blatantly making money off Alan Moore, but with Cooke, he seems to legitimately care about these characters, especially the Minutemen. 
  • Superman/Batman Annual#1.
  • Batman#616

So all in all, not a bad find for 20$.

Here' some pics of me fucking around with figures.
I noticed that the new DCUunlimited DKR Batman's head easily pops off but not super loose. My new ML Hyperion figure's head also pops off. And thus the fun begin:

Ha ha fun right?

My quick story was, maybe Future Jason Todd(as his natural redhead) takes over, or attempts to take over the mantle of Batman. Idk, but it sounds interesting.

So, quick challenge for all of you guys:
Comes up with your own story/scenario of what's going on in the pictures.

You guys know me, no story or caption's too funny or dirty for me, so have fun and go nuts.

And now, today's epic question:
Who's win in a fight between Superman and Hyperion?

Leave your answers in the comments section.


Dan W said...
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Dan W said...

Superman - sorry no imitation beats the real thing. Just sayin ;) As for how, super-breath makes for a giant Hyperion-popsicle, then Supes shoves it on a spit and slowly roasts over a heat vision started fire until done, then serves. Feeds four.

karl said...

Supes or Hyperion?
That's like choosing between Edward Snowdon and Bradley Manning to swap text messages with.
Can Superman hit it?
Or would Hyperion quit it?
These two wussies would spend so much time explain why violence is so wrong in the first place [clue; it aint, taint] we'd be bored shitless before the first punch would be thrown.
Hyperion with Batman's head would at least have some strategic value in how to win [i.e. cheat] and still come off looking like a self-righteous prick, but knowing how such a pussy Hype is, he'd actually have to GIVE Batman head just ot get the goods on how powerful Superman is. Seriously these should be pounding the fake snot outta each other on WWE Wrestling at three in the morning or something.
I know, I know Im disgusted with myself...but the saving grace is that Im only disgusted AFTERWARDS, that's the only true money-shot worth having.

Randomnerd said...

All right, I'm going with Dan's scenario with a bit of a twist, Hyperion popsicle, but Bats is the one who pushes him over the cliff, snagging him with a batarang connected with a cable, letting him dangle for a bit, his eyeballs frozen open to stare in horror at the crashing rocks below before the commencing of said heat vision roasting. Why? Because he's super pissed that his head got switched.

Randomnerd said...

BTW, let me know how the Minutemen comics are, I'm very curious.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Thx mate for the tip mate. I'll have to see how that "camping trip" works out:)

@Karl: Not a big fan of pro-wrestling it seems;)

You definitely have a point on them explaining why violence is bad. But this is comics,they'd be beating the shit out of each other by the 3rd or 4th panel.

Ha ha, tell is how you really feel about those two, ha ha.

@Random: I will, and thx for adding your suggestions:)

The King of Thessaly said...

Poor, poor Hyperion... How dare you, Sir! Where's Wendell Vaughn when you need the man?

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Dead I believe.....for now.
Big Hyperion fan are we?

Tiger OA1 said...

@Karl: Kekekeke.....agreed.

@Dale: look who's humping around. Turtle power. Or "can a playa get some damn privacy round this bitch".

I better get back to business man. Talk to you guys later.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Ha ha, thanks for stopping by man. Now get back to work!

Hey, I got a skit I think you'll really dig next week. And just for you too;)

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