Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Gorillas In Love"

Happy Hump Day people!

Today's skit(and on a Wednesday too) is all about Grood......Gorilla Grood,
and his search for love. Hey, even evil genius gorillas need love too!

The End



Remember that song?

Those are the main verses to "I Got A Man" by rapper Positive K, from way back in 1992.

And that's what's up!


Randomnerd said...

Poor Grood. He ain't got no respect! :) I love that song. It's got lots of kitsch for me. Mostly because my brother randomly posts it on his facebook page once in a while. No idea why. I'm afraid to ask him.
Great posting today Dale, you had me laughing from the lions. And usually I have to have a good Simba snuff film to get me rolling.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Thx,and I bet you do;)

karl said...

Those gorillas of Grodd are sure dirty swines - when a rogue group of them guest-starred in Wonder Woman as her houseguests a few years back [I shit you not], they were only too happy to join her in her shower and pass her the shampoo.
No class whatsoever - Ive shared showers with women and everyone knows they always wash their hair separately.
Gorillas. You cant' teach them ANYTHING.

Pass the soap. Dale.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: ha ha, you da man karl! It's so refreshing(but not gorilla shower refreshing?) to have guests drop by and show off their well-formed sense of humors here. It's what the House of Fun's here for. Besides, it's get old quick when you're the only dirty-minded bastard around here;)

Thx for stopping by Karl. Oh, where's my manners? Here's the soa-, opps. Dropped it. Butterfingers and all you know;)

Dan W said...

Grodd as Shaft? LOL Now I have mental images of Grodd in a Hulk Mr Fixit type suit and three Beyonce's dancing in the back. Hey, he's overthrowing mankind. Hey can have Beyonce if he wants.

As for Wonder Woman's monkey business, I wasn't too sure where Gail was ever going with that, and it never went near the Diana spanks the Monkey joke that was always one step away, but hey, it started off drawn by Terry Dodson, and that guy draws possible monkey spanking material like no one else, so it was win win. ;)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: I'm sure he can as long as he can out rap he husband Jay Z in a rap battle. Or he could just use mind control, whatever. But interesting imagery there Dan. Hmmm, to the photoshop machine!!!!

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