Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"A Night At The Gallery 2"

Happy Hump Day people!!!!

So I was trying to figure out just what the hell to do about today's post, and then I figured "Well, I have all this Photoshop work I've done....Let's post that."

And simple as that, that's what you kind folk are getting today.

Yes, you should feel special. No, there are no snacks or drinks available(Sorry Random:( )
but the admission's free.

So without further ado,

Remember that scene in the movie Grease, where that chick recites that commercial with the beaver's tips about brushing your teeth? 
There you go:)

This was me messing around with the filters, going for the Vertigo effect for the new Count Vertigo.

Shlomo found this picture of a custom Count Vertigo action figure, so I decided to have a little fun with the scene.

And Finally........

                                    I made these because I owed Shlomo for the funny ass FB profile pic of me he did, and that I'm still using by the way;)


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

photoshop, possibly the greatest creation ever by mankind/woman kind.

Dale Bagwell said...

Possibly...right next to air conditioning;)

Randomnerd said...

I agree wholeheartedly. About the airconditioning and the photoshop. The custom Vertigo sequence is a trip. I feel munchies coming on just looking at it. Oh wait, you said no snacks. :(
Luckily after staring at it I don't feel like I'll need a drink for a while.
I love the GI Jew posters. This is a movie I want to see. Maybe we should all get animated.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'd go for being animated. You mean more than usual? Well there's a joint, uh I mean "app" for that;)

But if I'm getting animated, I want the B:TAS or Young Justice treatment....minus the sudden and unwarranted cancellation part that is.

Randomnerd said...

That's a whole 'nother can of worms. Where do good cartoons go when they're cancelled? Do they sit in a green room, waiting for reruns?

Tiger OA1 said...

Ahhhh this is blogtastic! The whole crew together, Dale you got one to call in from me buddy. I'm 15 minutes in and still laughing. Oh the stories that come to mind.

The Vertigo was good, but the Joe poster was the shit.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Glad you enjoyed it man. Had to include the Tiger right? ha ha.
I've got to do more stuff with you guys like that in the immediate future....maybe like a Fantastic Five?

Tiger OA1 said...

Yes please. Dude these dayz a good laugh goes so far.

I got to send you some shots...I just hate to reveal the identity of the Agent.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: I know man, I do. Gotta' keep you deep under cover and all, but still. Hell, even a jazzed up early, early pic of you or a later one will do.

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