Thursday, July 04, 2013

So, Who Would Win: Battle of the Supermen


Yes today's post is a little late, but hey, you guys are big boys(and girls)

Just saw Man of Steel finally.
It wasn't bad actually. I can see in some spots where longtime fans and the like would have issues like:

-Jonathan Kent's pessimism towards humans accepting Clark and willingness to die when his son could've really easily saved him.
-The drab colors.
-The slight ret-con of Krypton's history and demise.
-The long amount of time he was inactive versus being Superboy.
-Cast choice of Lois
-Sheer amount of the loss of life and destruction
-9/11 analogies

And maybe some other stuff, but it didn't really distract or pull me out of the movie-going experience and the story that was being told.

And even Superman killing Zod didn't bother me, unlike say Mark Waid or other similar-minded people.

Overall, I would recommend going to see this one, long-time fan or not. Just do it.

So, in honor of the newest addition to the Superman movie franchise, here's a three-way battle featuring three Supermen:

-The original Pre-Crisis Superman

-The Pre-NU52 Superman

-The NU52 Superman

Alright, you guys know the deal; Who win and why? And yes, the easy answer might be Pre-Crisis Superman. but, is it really that cut and dry?

Feel free to discuss and talk amongst yourselves;)


Randomnerd said...

You could make the argument that post crisis Superman is slightly more intelligent, thus leading him to greater victory in battle. Other than that I don't really think I can call it. I'd have to read more Superman.
I loved the movie. The drab colors were a downer, but I did think Pa Kent dying right there made sense with how they'd written him...willing to keep Clark's secret as long as he was alive. I think they did a good job, overall, and I loved Lois. And no, not just because she was a ginger. ;) She felt more real to me. Always before I had wondered why her ass hadn't been fired for various reasons, but this Lois I could take seriously as both a reporter and a human being.
I'm glad you got to see it. It's definitely worth the movie ticket.

Dan W said...

I'm glad you saw it too big guy and like Random I liked Lois. It never made sense an investigative journalist couldn't deduce Superman in glasses so having her find him first, going outside Planet resources to do it, being compassionate and getting Clark when he appears makes her to me a woman a super-man would find attractive.

My winner would be pre-dc52 Superman just on experience in scale. That is until Kingdom Come Superman comes along though ;-)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

from those 3 choices it's a no brainer, pre-52.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: It did, it did. A lot of reviews seems to have trouble with that one. That Pa Kent's pessimism caused him to convince Clark not to do anything and let that happen. The arguments were something along the lines of Superman would've saved regardless, blurred his face out all that, and that Pa Kent's death is something that he can't prevent but not because he's to scared to use his powers for fear of what the public will think. But now seeing the film, this is still very inexperienced Clark in the sense of being the Superman he one day will. Different Supes altogether really

@Dan: I'm glad I saw it too, and yeah this Lois was alright. I'd picked better, but she wasn't so bad that it tainted the movie for me. Just a personal choice. But yeah, based off those merits you listed, I could see why he fell for her too.

@Shlomo: Right? Just power-wise and intelligence-wise Pre-Crisis Superman is tops. Now Dan does have a fun idea of including Kingdom Come Superman in the mix; that would be fun, especially since I believe they basically have the same power-levels. Hmmm.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well on one hand i had out grown that early version of Superman and on the flip side i hate all things New 52 so that just left whatever was left in the middle.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, works for me Shlomo, works for me;)

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