Thursday, July 25, 2013

Top 5 Songs: Connie Francis


So aren't you glad it's almost the weekend? I know I am.....

Went to my local comic book store yesterday, and got some nice swag.
Here's the damage:

-Adventures of Superman#'s 477-478(This was phase four of the Time and Time Again story arc that ran through all the Superman titles back then. It's basically Superman going through different points in time, ranging from battling Dinosaurs with the villain Chronos, to chilling with the Demon in the time of Merlin, to hanging and banging with the LEGION in the future. The trade's been out for years, and I highly recommend find it or those issues if you have the time and money. Very underrated story arc)

-Power of the Atom#'s 13 and 17( #13 was Bill-Messner-Loebs last issue, while Tom Peyer took over with #14. This 80's series followed immediately after the Sword of the Atom mini's and the death of his jungle queen Laethwyn and her people the Morlaidhansins at the hands of the CIA. Read the series to find out why. Another underrated and under-appreciated series.)

-Justice League Dark#6(Part 3 of the Trinity War. It's not bad, and moves things along because Jeff Lemire is actually one of the few writers currently at DC who can actually do that; write. Such a novel, revolutionary idea I know;)

-The DC Unlimited DKR Batman: I finally pulled the trigger on this one, and bought this version of Batman. maybe I can blame it on a lack of other interesting figures, and thus a slump I now find myself in. Well that's two slumps really; action figures and sex. Go figure right? ha ha

Anyhoo, I'm glad I got him, as two skits worth of jokes alone came pouring out of my brain as soon as I'm opened the package. Diabetes Batman maybe?

Alright onto today's Top 5 Song list, and yes you read the title right, it's all about Connie f'n Francis!

Who's Connie Francis you may ask, I'll fill you in.
Connie Francis was a very popular singer back in the 50's and 60's.

If you don't believe me, go ask your parents or grandparents, depending on who was around back then:)

Oooh, Mamacita! If only I was around back then. Damn!

Anyways, Connie Francis had a shitload of top 40 hits, and very few peers during that time. And we're talking about peers like Brenda Lee, Rosemary Clooney(George Clooney's aunt) Etta James, Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield, and the list goes on.

Did I mention she banged and almost married Bobby Darin? You know, the guy who sang "Mack the Knife" and "Beyond the Sea"? Yeah, him.

So, in honor of her, here's my list of my Top 5 favorite songs of Connie Francis:

5). "Who's Sorry Now?"
This 1958 classic continued to pave the way to her success as an artist and commercial singer. At this point, you just knew she was something special. Not just to look at of course, but also the talented set of pipes she had on her. 

4). "Where The Boys Are"
This song was inspired off a 1960 hit movie of the same title. Legend has it, Connie loved the movie so much, she wanted a song to be written just off the title alone. A year later, this classic came out, and into the history books it went.

3). "Ava Maria"
Alright no, she doesn't sing this here, but there's no videos of her singing this yet:(
But you get the idea. Kick-ass song, and trust me, her vocals do it justice. Go find it on or somewhere like that. You'll be glad you did:)

2). "Besame Mucho"

 I've heard two versions of this I love; the Beatles' and Connie Francis'. Guess who of those two I'm talking about right this minute? Yeah, that fact alone should speak volume since I hold the Beatles in super high regard.

1). "Strangers In The Night"
Couldn't find her version on video, so here's Frank's:( Dammit Youtube, get on the ball already! You're making me look bad. As if I need the help:)

Yes, Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra made this song fucking famous, but I love her version better. Her vocals, and how she uses it to paint such a picture of longing, oh god, just gets me every time I hear it.

If you've never heard her stuff before, do yourself a solid and go look her up either on Youtube or the countless free Mp3 websites that are floating around the internet. You'll be glad you did.


Randomnerd said...

Oh man, I love Connie. In all the songs you posted here and so many more. The only one you left off the list I would have mentioned is Stupid Cupid, because my Mom used to play it for me. But I can't figure what I would bump for it, because all the ones you put down are pure golden throated brilliance.
She gets overlooked so much of the time, hardly ever mentioned unlike Clooney and Clark. But her voice and her contribution to music was just as great. Especially when you consider how much she recorded in other languages.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Yep, her and Leslie Gore, Petula Clark and many others all really made a name for themselves by recording on other languages. I believe Francis was first, or damn close to it though.

Shrinksjp said...

You speak as if Connie is no longer active. She is. She is considered one of the biggest female vocalists of all time. A legend. The accolades go on and on.

Michael Wright said...

There used to be lots of youtube videos of Connie including "Strangers In The Night" (no actual video but her singing along with various photos of Connie) unfortunately all were taken down. "Oooh, Mamacita! If only I was around back then." I see you were very influenced by her likeness of Gina Lollobrigida.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shrinksjp: Oh I know, I didn't mean any disrespect. I'm sure at the age of 74, she's still out there on the nostalgia touring circuit knocking 'em dead, much like Etta James and Andy Williams did before they died, and how Tony Bennett's still wowing crowds with his timeless voice.

I probably just inferred that she's no longer active on the charts, and that I prefer to remember her in her prime when all these beloved hits came out.

There, feel better? lol
But thanks for stopping by, I do stuff like this on the regular.

@Michael Wright: Hellva name drop there Mike! I was actually referring to the late great Eddie Guerrero RIP, but yeah, I dare you to tell me that pic of her, hell any of her from that time period wouldn't make you wish she'd give you a private performance.

Damn, now I have to go look up Gina Lollobrigida.

Thanks for the the tip and for stopping by Michael;)

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