Monday, July 22, 2013

"Who's Afraid Of Jamie Foxx?"

Oh shit, it's Monday already huh?

Well never let it be said I don't try to make Mondays a bit more tolerable with
my skits. Hey, it's a small, but humble contribution;)

And on that note, here's my stance(kinda) on Jamie Foxx playing Electro in the new Spider-Man movie......

The End


Random quick thoughts:

-Here's my stash of comics from last weekend:

-All-Star Superman#6(The Death of Pa Kent)
-The Brave and the Bold#35(Atom and the Joker team-up)
-Savage Wolverine#7(got it for the Joe Maudriera art, might stay)
-Justice League#22, Justice League of America#6(Trinity War parts 1 and 2. yeah I know, don't ask but it sucked me in. Plus the Criminal Syndikate of Amerika's coming back, so yay!)
-Superman/Batman#18(conclusion to the awesome Absolute Power arc)

-Then I grabbed the JMS-penned Superman: Earth One OG(really good, but it was too quick of a read for me though. Not as many jarring changes as the Batman: Earth One OG)

-The next season of Arrow looks even better now that the Bronze Tiger is scheduled to show up. Actor Michael Jai White(Spawn, The Dark Knight) is playing him, so I;m sure Omega's happy. Plus Michael Jai White was one of Omega's picks to play BT, so good casting job there buddy;)

-Guilty pleasure song of the last two weeks: Selena Gomez's "Come and get it"
Yes, yes I would. Sure she's 20 years-old, but she still looks like jail-bait, but in a good way. There's a good way concerning the term jail-bait? Kinda, sorta:)

And if you ignore who it was probably written for at the time, COUGH fuck you Justin Beiber COUGH, COUGH, it's not that bad of a song. Hey, I'm a sucker for an Indian beat/back beat. Just ask George Harrison how addictive those Indian beats/grooves are:)

Alright, that's me for today......


Tiger OA1 said...

Hilarious....I'm laughing at Electro's pain and Spidey's conversation misstep and Electro's Hustling transformation. bang up job dude.

OH! Thankx for the heads up on BT. I want to see him fight Crixus. That's my dude too. I think me and DC might be uneasy friends again. We'll see.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger, no problem dude. I just happen to catch it, and figured I'd give you and Shlomo the heads up.

Glads you enjoyed the skit, I know I enjoyed making it:)

Oh, and I hear you on that last one Brother. Me and DC are not only uneasy friends but in an unhealthy relationship. Damn you DC! ha ha

Randomnerd said...

Uh oh. If this goes south *ahem* Spidey might want to disappear for a bit. I don't think he wants hordes of angry fans on his ass if Foxx gets fried.
Oh, and as much as I laughed at that electrified punchline, I laughed harder at the Paula Dean one. Don't ask me why. Cause I think you know.

@OA1, I'm excited about Arrow now, too. I was a little nonplussed, actually, at the end of last season. It all seemed a bit too pat. And as seems usual in a WB show, my favorite character ends up being the nerdy tech they totally made up.
But BT, yeah. I'm happy about that.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Oh I know alright;) ha ha.
I figure Spidey's going to go after electro anyways, since that's the nature of their "relationship" Might as well make that forthcoming ass-whooping worth it right?

And yeah, the tech girl in Arrow is cute and hot as hell. And Jewish too? Someone tell Shlomo quick!

Favorite character huh? Gee, I wonder why, ha ha.

Randomnerd said...

Probably because they made Dinah a carbon copy of every other cheerleading hot chick, "but wait, no I'm really smart and love helping people too" stereotype we always see. With no visible faults at all. Except that I don't believe that any guy could hold a conversation with her for more than ten minutes without getting bored and leaving the room.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Randomnerd: I could, course I'd probably wouldn't be staring at her eyes the whole time either;) What? ha ha.

No she's okay as a person, just lost in the typical WB method of writing young, 20-somethings.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i had no idea about that casting move. i would have included The Kingdom to that list of good Jamie Fox movies. you ever see it?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Never saw it no. Any good?

Dan W said...

This is great - I wish they'd also kept the costume. Those lightning bolts have to be better than the ol' jelly-fish face they came up with!

Jelly Fish Face! Quick someone trademark the name before DC makes it the new leader of the Justice League!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Right? He just looks like he's rocking one of the rejected designs for the movie Avatar.

Oh, and I have it on good authority that Aquaman's sending eels and sea-squirts to stop you from stopping corporate from trademarking Jelly Fish Face; apparently that's Aq's new arch-villain. Who knew> You did. So that means you're psychic right? Ha Ha.

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