Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"And They Shall Call Him Starface....."Part 2

What's up kids?
Today I'm showing part 2 of "And They Shall Call Him Starface...".
Remember the first part? No

Here's the link for the 1st part:

And now.....on with the show:

The End


Sounds like good advice Cliff;)


Randomnerd said...

But what if you don't know that you don't want the answer until you've heard it? What to do then? Rinse out your brain with rubbing alcohol?
Or just drink double martinis until it fades into a dim haze.
That last one is probably safer.
Sweet dissolve effect, Mr. Morbid.

karl said...

Aernt the Doom Patrol great?
Just wanted to say that.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Thx. I really was trying to figure out a good effect for Starboy leaving, and that one seemed to suffice.

@Karl: Yes, YES they are. And from your lips to Didio's ears. Although I'd be scared if they ever show up in the NU52 universe, because Dp fans probably won't like how they get revamped/rebooted.

karl said...

I thought the last DP series was very good, the team settling on Oolong Island and all that. The previous series didn't do it for me, with Byrne putting his stamp on it with introducing those kids as the next generation.
I also liked Celsius, Negative Woman from the second iteration of the team also, but for me the original three were the best, and the Chief was the most manipulative leader ever!!

Dale Bagwell said...

I absolutely loved the Giffen series as well. Outside of Morrison, that was the best use/execution/iteration of the team yet! Byrne obviously loves to live out his name and "Byrne" and reboot needlessly.

My favorite issues of that series were of course the origin issues that really seem to nail down what made those characters tick.

If only it was allowed to continue....sigh:(

Dan W said...

I love the Doom Patrol and Doug who tuns the Doom Patrol blog when he's not writing for CBR is a king among gents. That said I wish ElastiGirl made it to the League. That would be awesome. Im actually reading All Star Squadron with Robotman right now. It's great stuff!

Dale Bagwell said...

I hear ya on the All-Star Squadron stuff Dan! I have one that that's a crossover with the JSA and JLA back from '82 where they're fighting Per Degaton. Damn good stuff, plus the Jerry Ordway art.

Elasti-Girl as a JLAer? Why not. Hell Robotman should be in there too. He'd be both the muscle and dry comedy relief.

karl said...

I recently got the Crisis on Multiple Earths tpb, and theres an epic FIVE-PART JSA/JLA/All Star Squadron crossover, and it features Robotman, which you mentioned Dale.
Does anyone know...is the Robotman in the Squadron the same Cliff Steele we all know from the Doom Patrol, as the Squadron was from the 40s, wasn't it? How can that be?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

ain't that the truth in regards to Robotman's last line. especially when it comes to questions for your girlfriend like how many people have slept with or ever had a threesome? yeah, shouldn't have gone there :0

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Cool beans brother, I know the one you're talking about. My store has it too I think.

No, the Robotman from the 40's was a guy(well robot really) named Robert Crane.
In the Robotman origin issue from Giffen's run, The Chief says he used Crane's body and system as a guide to build Cliff's body. So no they're not related or the same person.

@Shlomo: Right? Ha ha, don't ask if you don't really want to know:)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

yeah well i had to learn that lesson the hard way :O now i'm older and wiser :)

Ramonita said...

This is gorgeous!

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