Monday, July 15, 2013


TGIM right?
No? It's cool, I hear that.

I had a pretty good weekend this past weekend.
I went to a benefit @ my local comic shop for a good cause, and they raised about $1200. So good on them for that.

There was a local band, plenty of food and good deals all around.
And thus here's my swag from the event:

-What If?#26.....Thor and The Avengers fought the Gods?
-Marvel Team-Up#9(the one with DD and Luke Cage on the front cover eating lunch)
-FF#358(I've been wanting to get that one to replace an old copy from years back)
-The Brave and Bold#'s 28 and 35(Vol.2)
-The Brave and Bold(Vol.1)#181 with Hawk and Dove(and one of Mark Waid's favorites from that series)
-Superman Annual#3(cool 2001 Armageddon story with Batman having to take out a nuke-obsessed Superman)
- Avengers#223(The one with the famous Ant-man and Hawkeye cover)
-And I won an old back-to-school comic back w/ Adventures of Superman#501(with don't call me Superboy) and Man of Steel#22(with Steel)

And now on to today's awesome(well I think so)skit:


The End

I feel ya Captain;)


Ha ha, have a good one folks!


Randomnerd said...

You know, that's an extremely real possibility for the sudden growth of muscles.
Of course, so is steroid use. But I wonder if that affects the jawline?
Sounds like a grand time for a good cause, Morbid. And you got a ton of decent items. So you can feel good about yourself while drinking beer and reading comics.
Not that I ever don't feel good drinking and reading. Cause, you know. Alcohol.

Dale Bagwell said...

Right? Alcohol and comics mix really well together, as The King would gladly attest to.

Dan W said...

Ed sure drew a great Captain Marvel. I wonder if people will ever make a line of toys based on my drawings. Time will tell time will tell.

As Cap Marvel is essentially kind of a kid still, if he went on a date with Wonder Woman would she be breaking the law in 48 states? The odd things you think of after reading a skit at the House of Fun :)

Randomnerd said...

Oooh. That's a good one Dan. I hadn't thought of that. Not just her, but what if he went on a date with any woman over the age of 18? Not to mention the emotional scarring.

Dale Bagwell said...

Johns briefly touched that very subject when he had Captain Marvel/Billy date Stargirl, which everyone had a major problem with. That whole situation was later resolved and dropped, but still...

It's basically the movie BIG but with super powers, so yeah WW would be in deep shit for messing with jailbait.

Glad I could help instigate such discussions;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

man i remember all that prop 8 and prop 10 stuff here a few years ago that was a pretty contentious time here in CA. that shit at your local comic shop sounded like it was a pretty good time. my local comic shop many many years ago used to host this annual baseball game but it was just for fun for the customers and their friends.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: It really was a cool thing they did. And for a really good cause. I was just kidding about the Prop 8 stuff, but I can only how much you were personally bombarded by all that considering where you live;)

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