Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 5 Songs: Hello Nasty


Hey, it's almost Friday, so be happy people....or else;)

So it's been awhile since I did a Top 5 song album review right? Sounds about right.
Well today you're in for a treat then, as I'll be picking my top 5 songs from the immensely popular Beastie Boy album, Hello Nasty.

Now this particular album was somewhat of a major departure from their previous albums, as they tended to experiment more with other genres of music, like electronica  and what/s now referred to as Dub-Step.

So away we go.....

5). "Picture This"

This is the type of song, that upon first listening, you're all like, "Did I just switch CD's and not even notice it?"
No sir or ma'am, it's the same cd, they just let some nice-sounding chick sing on the track. I think it's pleasant and not at all off-putting. Relaxing even.

4)."Putting Shame In Your Game"

You know of the major reasons why I respect the Beastie Boys is that they can reference and name drop fellow MC's and famous songs, but it seems genuine because they grew up on that stuff. And they were also part of that era or damn close to it. So it's not they like just looked the stuff the up and decided to show off how smart they were for knowing that material.

Plus, as in all their work, they showcase so well why these white boys from Brooklyn rap so well.

3). "Three MC's and One DJ"

This one's self-explanatory, but damn do they rock the mic on this one!
"3 MC's and one DJ
And we be gettin' down with no delayMix Master Mike what cha got to say?
Sweet and sour like a tangerineFresh like a box of Krispy KremesKenny Rogers' Gambler is my gambling' themeMix Master Mike with the scratch routine
Always updated and in the knowYou know we break it down goin' toe to toeThe bass is boomin' from down belowAnd Norton is chillin' with Mario"

2). "Body Movin' "

Love this one, and yes Super Disco Breakin' sounds very similar to this, I just dig this one more.

"Body movin', body, body movin', A-1 sound and the sound so soothing"
Yes, yes it is;)

1). "Intergalactic"

I shouldn't even have to explain why this one's tops in my book(did I just say tops?)
If the kick-ass song and lyrics don't do it, the video sure as hell does, sealing the deal on an awesome, awesome song.

Plus, come's fucking catchy as hell;)

Other tracks I recommend:

-"Song For Junior" - It samples Santana's "Oye Como Va" but doesn't come off as fake or just sampling the song because the beats cool. Although it really, really is.

-"Just A Test" - Want to hear a song that represents your area code, if you're living in the 212? This song's for you and it doesn't get annoying. Promise;)

-Uh, how about the rest of the freaking album? Seriously, listen to it if you already haven't.
You're welcome:)

Action Figure Update:
- Tuesday I bought the NU52 versions of the Flash and Wonder Woman(I know finally have a proper WW figure. Sort of)
As well as a DCUC Power Girl figure for 10$(That's gonna' make Randomnerd real happy later;)
Then yesterday I bought the Ed McGuinness-style figures of Captain Atom and Captain Marvel for 5$ a pop. Again, not bad at all.
You'll see the last two in a skit Monday.

Alright folks, have a good to great weekend, and be safe:)


Randomnerd said...

I have to admit, the only Beastie Boys song that ever makes my rotation is Intergalactic. They're not usually my style of music, although I do think they're an excellent example of it. But Intergalactic, the song and the video, had me laughing and nerding it up.

Dale Bagwell said...

The lyrics alone with all the pop/geek culture references should on rotation to anyone's playlist...that is if you're a geek or in the know.

It's just a really good, non-typical album by them. 'Nuff said;)

Dan W said...

Boy that's a blast from the past. Intergalactic was the main song played in my nightclubbing student days. In The Fuel Shed the video used to play at almost movie screen size as you danced - it was like being in your own Ultra-Man comic book battle!

Dale Bagwell said...

Isn't it though Dan? A friend of mine gave his copy of it, and that's what prompted me to review and pick my top 5 songs from it. What about you? Have a particular favorite other than the obvious?

Also, looking forward to that skit of yours. When are you gonna' unveil your masterpiece?

Dan W said...

I was always more of a Chemical Brother than a Beastie Boy, but it was cool hearin' Body Movin' in the new Star Trek film. I'm no Trekkie but the film was cool.

My skit is soo not going to live up to its hype. I need to reshoot one scene outside at home and I wont get to do that now till Tuesday at the earliest. But it shall be up before Comic Con - promise!

karl said...

Werent the Beastie Boys just typical rich white boys who tried to act 'street' and 'down with da boys'? I liked their music when it first came out but thought they were a bit too commercial for their own good.
And thieve gotten to look quite old, too!

karl said...

Werent the Beastie Boys just typical rich white boys who tried to act 'street' and 'down with da boys'? I liked their music when it first came out but thought they were a bit too commercial for their own good.
And thieve gotten to look quite old, too!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Ha ha, no pressure mate! No, I'm sure whatever you wind up doing will be awesome. You don't do shit work from just the regular things you do, so I'm sure it'll be fine. I will admit that @Randomnerd and I chat about it like old, gossiping women, about how good it'll be.

I enjoy the Chemical Brothers as well, as well as Fatboy Slim and even Moby. Fav Chemical Brothers track right now would be "How does it feel" w/Oasis. But I first heard them from on their work for a PlayStation 2 game called N20-Nitrous Oxide. Loved the soundtrack. Vegas was the name of the album I believe from '97. Had songs like "Get busy child", "There is hope", and "You keep coming back for more."

@Karl: Maybe, but not sure. They were/aren't the typical Jewish rich kids from Brooklyn if so. They had and still have a healthy respect for all those rap pioneers that came before them, even if they just happen to be one of them.

Too commercial? maybe, that really depends on the views of the listener really, but if you think about it, what singer/group wasn't been called too commercial at one point or another in their respective careers?

Also, if your main goal is to sell as many records as possible, is being too commercial necessarily a bad thing?

Sadly since the death of founding member Adam Yauch died not too long ago, thus effectively ending that group's existence:(

But thx for stopping by and sharing your opinion Karl. It's greatly appreciated:)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

what, no Sabotage? come over to the Suicide Squad blog Dale i need your help for this one.

Dan W said...

Well it has Batman in it so it can't be too bad - oh and Thor so Random will be happy.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yay!!! I can't Dan-O;)

Dale Bagwell said...

I meant can't wait. Stupid fingers;)

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