Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some Thoughts About Superman......

Happy Hump Day kiddies!!!!

And for the ladies, or just Randomnerd:

So I just finished watching the All-Star Superman animated movie that came out back in 2011.
Yeah I know I'm behind, sue me;)

Anyways, I loved it. I really, really loved it!

Everything from the way they used and adapted Frank Quitely's beautiful art and famous panels from the comic series, all the to how well all(well most of them anyways) of the chapters flowed and progressed seamlessly.

I say most, because at least two major chapter and story arcs weren't included in the movie for time's sake.
Those being the famous "Death of Pa Kent" issue and the Bizarro story arc.

I'd have really loved to see how well those two bits were presented here in such animated splendor.
Oh well.....

But we did see a bit of the future Superman from the 853rd Century in a cool bit, as well as the main villain from Morrison's 1 Million mini back in the late 90's, Solaris, the living solar computer.

So very, very cool. And we got to see Superman's pet Sun-Eater, who acted as a stand in for Krypto. Can't beat that one baby. It was just said to see him get


killed off so quick after such build-up.
Just saying......

Here's the part that did make me tear up, and no not the end, or Lois and Superman flying around together, or even his pet Sun-Eater dying(although it was still sad, and now I want one)

This scene at the beginning at the movie

It's just heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.

All in all, the movie and scenes adapted and or extended faithfully, served its purpose to bring the best Superman story around. Yes, I said the best. Morrison's Superman in All-Star, was the Superman we all know and love. The one who's so strong, smart, confident, hopeful, and above all, there to inspire the best in mankind and lead him to the stars with him.

Essentially Superman's like Jesus, but with a colorful costume.

"What!? Jesus? Really?" You might be thinking.

It's simple really when considering Superman's origins and influences.
Basically Superman's an immigrant tale wrapped up in science fiction and superpowers, thus why Superman's like Moses at first.

Then with his powers and amazing feats, and he sheer inspiration he provides, he became a large messianic very Christ-like figure.

Hell, he even rose from the dead, in case you were wondering.

So I can honestly say this film single-handedly made appreciate the big blue boy scout again.
Sometimes I, and a lot of people need something like this to remind us why a certain character or rl life person was so fascinating and mesmerizing to us in the first place.

The documentary "People Are Strange" made me appreciate The Doors more, "Living In The Material World" made me appreciate and love George Harrison more, and this one did it with Superman for me.

I guess I can break it down why I've always felt the way I do with Superman:

See, I'm more of a Batman kind of guy, and always will be. The iconography, the costume, the stories, the villains, just everything about Batman makes him such a compelling figure to me.

Sure, I never watched my parents get straight up murdered in front of me, I'm not a control freak because of said murder, I'm not stinking rich, or have cat-burglars crushing on me(I wish)

The main selling point to me about Batman(besides how fucking smart and prepared for just about any situation he is) is that you could, with years of training and smarts, be like him. Or close to it. And he's just a normal, but very driven guy.

Superman is not ordinary. he has superpowers. So no go there.
But what is relatable to Superman is his whole parentage issue being both an orphan and adopted. And then you through in how inspirational and positive he is. Always looking for and at the the best in a person, whether their shit or just an average person. He single-handedly inspires the best in us, so that we can be more like him.....

.....Even though no one can be perfect like him.
Sound familiar?

See, I told ya, Superman's Jesus:)


Randomnerd said...

I also think that's why so many people screw up writing Superman. It's very hard to write that character without sounding like you yourself have a god complex. Or are just a torrential douche bag. It takes a lot of humility and love of the human race and respect for your fellow man to even get inside the head of Clark Kent. And then you have to translate that into the belief that every single human being has that same potential for ultimate good. We're all so cynical these days, all so willing to believe that everyone wants to screw us over, or will do so anyway, that that suspension of disbelief is harder than the one where a guy is wearing tights and flying around in the air.
Hence why Batman is easier to write. And more popular. But not more likable. Not by a longshot. I'd rather believe in Superman. I'd rather believe in people. Even if I can't always, I still rather would.
Oh, and thanks for including me, Dale. See? People are good. :)

Dan W said...

Awesome post Mr. I really wish the suicide part had made it to the dvd. I understand why, especially as a former counsellor, but I still think it's one of Kal-El's finest moments.

I'm a massive Superman fan, because like Random says hes the ultimate example you can believe in that people given power will do the right thing. He could rain heat vision from above but he doesn't. As long as its a crisis to you it matters to him and thats what makes him a better hero.

I think the heart of writing Superman is that no matter how many people he saves, cats he gets from trees, or Darkseids he kicks in the arse for himself he's still not doing enough. He doesnt measure up to his own standards but he'd never say because its more important for people around him to be able to buy into the ideal of Superman they've created of him, than it is for him to express his feeling of not helping enough.

I think that makes him relatible and more so than Batman (who does feel like they measure up to what is expected of them?). Batman tries to bury his past and childhood. He tries to disconnect from all but a select few. Clark tries to honour both places of origin Krypton and Smallville and be the best person both heritages would want him to be for everyone.

Sure when you look at Superman he's less relatable. But that's just a title. The real character is clark, and he's a lot more us than a millionaire with an addiction to punching the shit out of the insane.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: People can be and certainly yes, we shouldn't give up hope in even the glaring face of the opposite we currently see in the world.

It's why I don't watch the news a lot. Why be depressed if you can avoid it, because most of it is either ass-kissing celebs, talking shit about them or politics and all the dumb shit that accompanies it.

But yeah, Morrison tried to encapsulate what's good, pure, and hopeful about Superman. It's easily on par with "Whatever Happened To The Man If Steel?"

@Dan: True, true. But he along with Superman are also at the tender mercies of whatever writer writes their adventures.

Batman to me, is best represented by the JL/JLU/New Frontier/Brave and the Bold series.

He's that tragic figure, but also sort of a father figure who's always there to protect the innocent, even at the cost of his own life. Bruce is mortal and can die, and thus his sacrifices and acts of heroism seem more real to me because of that. So much life lived in such a short amount of time.
If you ever read Neil Gaiman's "Whatever Happened to the Capped Crusader" that pretty much says it all, especially the scenes where the villains and heroes all take turns telling their most heroic batman story.
If that doesn't make you a Batman fan, idk what will.

Again, it's the writers that put the words in their mouths, and deeds on the page. it's the staying power of all our heroes we love so much, that they have lived on and persevered inspite of all the bad stories they've endured over the years.


Now I need a shot. Who's with me?

The King of Thessaly said...

I absolutely LOVED AND ADORED this adaptation. First off- in loving memory of Dwayne McDuffie... one of the very last things he did.
When this came out- I watched it twice, back to back. I could not believe how good it was. How emotional it made me... I told my girlfriend at the time, who did not give a fuck about comics; "You have to see this." She really didn't want to, but humored me. -It blew her mind! We ended up watching it twice together that night.
I have since used this, this perfect example of why comics (and Superman) are awesome, on two other people who did not give a fuck about comics. One loved it, and it got the other one into comics!
I always tell people- you want to let someone into your world- show them All-Star Superman. Grant Morrison is a magical man. Dwayne McDuffie doubly so...
Damn- It's actually been awhile since I've seen it now... I'm glad you were late to the game, my friend- because now I've got plans for tonight!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

@KingofThessaly: Hell fucking yeah! I'm glad I'm not the only guy who got a bit emotional watching this. It's just that damn good. And it really can be watched and appreciated by non-comic fans. Truly it can.

So yeah, glad I helped twerk your social calendar a but there. Thanks for stopping by.....and for letting that DD get yo here as as well. That MODOK, such a gem of a human-ish being right?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey look who's over here The King of Thessaly we've been graced by the presence of royalty. anyways, glad to hear this turned out to be a good movie i'll have to find a way to see it some day. today's posting on the Suicide Squad is something of a blend between this posting's partial theme theme and Tiger's recent one.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Right? I'll be sure to read it as soon as I'm done with he new post:)

Tiger OA1 said...

Wow, this one did for you guys like Under the Red Hood snatched on my heart. I might have to go back and really watch the movie.

Dwayne McDuffie is my guy and I was kinda pissy when they took Justice League from him, so I might not have watched the movie in the right frame of mind.

Anyway Fella's and my girl Random the comments were good, real good. I enjoyed reading how you guys feel about the superman from Smallville.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: yeah, what DC, or rather what Dan Didio did to Dwayne with that whole JL thing is disgusting, and set a standard of bullshit and illogical moves like that for the rest of his reign.

The man helped make the JL a viable property for DC with the whole JL/JLU series, so why not let him have the JL comic ball and run with it? Nope, wouldn't make sense to Didio to do that. Why, only he knows, but yeah Bullshit all around on that one.

Anyways, yes, please do watch this one brother. You'll be glad you did.

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