Tuesday, January 01, 2019

I just had to share this! Oh BTW, Happy New Years'!

I gotta' share this entire comic panel because it's fucking comedic gold!
It's from a DC Comics Vertigo series, 2020 Visions#1.

Thanks to my good mate Gary (who has his own blog here @ https://crisisonearthprime.com) who introduced to this website where you can go and read comics online for free, I've been catching up on comics I've always been wanting to read or have missed out on getting.

I remember the ads in various DC comics and Wizard magazine, but never got to check out since I never saw it in any comic book stores near me. So far,so good.

If you're interested (and the fuck you would you NOT be), go to this link and you too can enjoy free comics in their entirety, ads and all:

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