Wednesday, January 23, 2019

"Father and Son"

Who's up for a brand new skit?


The End


So some notes to this one are order. I guess, ha ha.
-"Father and Son" is the title to a Cat Stevens song.

-I used one of the alt heads from the recently released ML Archangel figure for Genis' unmasked head. Sure it doesn't fit, but I figured, well fuck it, he's Kree (half-Kree) well he should at least be blue.
-For my last two strips I've been using the camera in my phone to take skit pics since my regular digital camera is sick. So far so good, but it's not without its difficulties and clarity issues though.
We'll see how well this lasts. 

I really, REALLY want a new, updated ML Captain Mar-vel figure. I thought we might be getting one in the Captain Marvel movie wave, but so far no go. Maybe Hasbro figures it would cause confusion for the movie goers. Ok sure, but the comic fans also buy these figures, so go ahead and make us happy too Hasbro. Be like Nike and JUST DO IT....


Gary said...

"Quite a squirter"?!?


Dale Bagwell said...

I'm merely guessing but there had to be SOME reason he stuck around with her.

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