Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thanos Meets Radiohead

So I was watching a video article on YouTube about the band Radiohead and their contentious relationship with their hit song "Creep." It was a really big hit for them, but also kinda' almost pigeon-holed them as being famous worldwide for only creating that type of a song, rather than the long list of diverse ones they've created ever since. So for awhile starting in 1997, they stopped performing it live, and have only recently in the last couple years started playing it again.

Here's that video article if you're interested:

And if you somehow don't remember how the song goes, here it is:

So I was thinking, you know what? This feels like something Thanos can really relate to in his never-ending quest to make Death fall in love with him and return his affection and undying devotion.

And thus, a project was born.




Gary said...

Splendidly done, sir.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thank you. I tried to find the appropriate comic panels that fit, and I guess I did alright.

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