Thursday, January 19, 2017

Top 5: Evil Comic Book Presidents


What's up people?

Well , today's the last official full day of President Obama's administration. Love him or hate, you're damn sure gonna' miss him as soon as Trump gets sworn in.
I know I will even though I didn't vote for Obama, but I wasn't exactly against him being president either. For all his failings as a president, at least he was rational, diplomatic, and left the country at least financially (not to mention lower gas prices) better off than he found it.

Trump's going to fuck us. All of us. And hard, very very hard.
For those who can't wait for Trump to "Make America Great Again", just remember who exactly he's making it great again for. It's definitely not you and me, the common, working man. No, it'll be his business buddies. His golf friends. People that have kissed his ass, and continue to keep their lips attached firmly to his ass like their were gorilla-glued on there.
Add in the fact that he's essentially hired the anti-dream team of candidates who are woefully under-qualified and have in many cases, fought/worked/made trouble for and against the very government departments they're supposed to be heading up, and you can clearly see we're all headed for disaster.

A beautiful disaster? No, just a big, long, ugly 4 years of a disaster...

It's in this spirit of the absence of hope, that I present today, the Top 5 evil comic book presidents of all time. And yes, they really did exist at one time or another.

Here they are:

Top 5 Evil Comic Book Presidents:

1). The Smiler Gary Callahan (Transmopolitan)

The Smiler became THE main foe for gonzo journalist extraordinaire Spider Jerusalem. Costing him his job, hiring people to kill him, and various other offenses. His whole platform was how much he truly cared for his constituents and felt their pain, all; the way secretly loathing and plotting against them behind closed doors. Rose to power via false promises and flowery speeches. Kind of like a politicians really.

2). Prez

Okay this is definitely a bit of a stretch, but Prez is a teen, and there's no way a teenager is going to successfully run the country....Oh he will, just into the ground after turning national parks into giant skateboard parks with free wi-fi, turning the national bird into the middle finger, converting the established national currency from dollars to bit coins, and electing officials based off how many likes their FB pages get. Hey, it could happen.

3). Doom 2099

The Doom 2099 series unlike its peers, wasn't about a futuristic version of Doom, but rather the real deal, preserved and brought back to life in 2099. After getting his bearings he and reclaiming his country of Latveria, he set out to rule America too, by scheming and killing his way to the top office of the U.S.

And did a pretty good job though actually.

4). The Red Skull (Old Man Logan)

The Red Skull became the president of the MU US in the dark future of Old Man Logan, where the all the super villains teamed up and finally eliminated most of their respective immortal superhero foes.
The Red Skull divvied up the nation amongst the top villains like Doom, like a feudal state, whilst reigning in power in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C......until the titular hero of the story killed him.

5). President Luthor

Yes, Lex actually was once president in the DCU back in 2000. He lasted about a year in office before he was impeached thanks to the efforts of Batman and Superman during the "Absolute Power" arc in Superman/Batman.

 He was also president in the dark Justice Lords future in the Justice League animated series. Out of all of these guys though, only Lex is the closest( well maybe with the exception of the Smiler) who's appointment to the oval office mirrors Trump's. Plus their both Billionaires who love branding their names on everything. Sadly, or thankfully, no giant evil robots.....for now.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Dale, have you been watching the Saturday Night Live skits with Alec Baldwin as trump in recent weeks? Pure comic genius and the shit with Hillary was pretty damn funny to.

Dale Bagwell said...

I have yeah, and their fucking hysterical. He's so dead-on it's crazy.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

We've had a bunch of protests and large marches going on today in San Francisco and Oakland. I had a few deliveries in Berkeley but to my surprise I didn't see any shit going down there today but I bet there's gonna be a lot of shit going on around the Bay this weekend.

Dale Bagwell said...

Stay safe out there man.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

damn, how about all those anti-trump/woman's protests and marches yesterday not just all over the country but in major cities around the world? there was even a big turn out in a mid size city around here called Walnut Creek. the funny thing about something like that going in W.C. is that W.C. is a very affluent city with mostly conservative type folks. to no surprise it's not the most ethnically diverse place around here to say the least it's pretty white. it's one of those areas where people who are rich but don't want to hassle with living in S.F. (but could afford to) live because it's just big enough for most of what the kind of shit they want and need but not so big like S.F. with all the hassles of the big city. not at all the kind of place where liberal political activism goes on. as expected though thousands turned out in the big cities around here like S.F., Oakland and San Jose. check your email when you get a chance.

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