Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dream Waves: Savage Dragon

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!

It's the return of Dream Waves this week, as I'm focusing on the Indies, and today,  specifically, the Savage Dragon.

Yessir, today I'll throw out for free, my ideas for at least two waves' worth of Savage Dragon and Savage Dragon-related figures.

Let's do this....

Savage Dragon Wave 1:

1). Traditional Cop uniformed Savage Dragon

2). Rapture

3). Star

4). Dart

5). Mako

6). Powerhouse

7). Overlord

BAF: Brainiape

Savage Dragon Wave 2:

1). Mighty Man

2). Battle Damaged Savage Dragon

3). Vanguard w/Wally

4). She-Dragon

5). The Fiend

6). Horde

7). Damien Darklord

BAF: Barbaric

And that's just in two waves' worth. I imagine I could probably squeeze out another wave if I really do some more research, but this is fine right here.

What do you think?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

A while ago a friend of mine loaned me a trade paper back of the earliest Savage Dragon issues. Prior to reading it I only knew of the character but nothing about him. It actually wasn't a bad read although I felt like a lot of the villains had this really garish over the top look (even by comic book standards) and Larsen's art style gets to be a bit tedious at times. Larsen's art is kinda like Rob Liefeld in that way.

Dale Bagwell said...

I hear ya' His early work was rough, and his anatomy was similar but still far superior to Liefield's. He got better as time wore on, and yes I think he aped a lot of designs from his Spider-Man days, but they work in the context he was going for.

Plus at least he can actually draw feet, ha ha.

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