Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?: The Mandrill

Haven't done this in awhile, but remember when I used to ask "What The Fuck Were They Thinking?"

Yeah, sure you do.

Well here's a fresh new joint I'm dropping on ya'll, as I feature today's fucking weirdo, The Mandrill.

For those that haven't met the Mandrill, he's basically like those rape-y Bill Cosby memes.....except without the 80's sweaters and with a big, flashy red cape and a baboon face.

They know you are, I just told them.

In fact if anything, he really looks like Rifiki from the Lion King.

As in Rifiki's younger, troublemaker brother who's always up to no good,but always good with the ladies.

Why? You may ask, when he's sporting a mug like that?
Well it turns out he's mutant that can produce powerfully strong pheromones that make women fall in love with him. hardcore, do anything he wants?

He can do all that, but he can't keep from getting his ass handed to him on the reg? Get the Fuck outta' here with that bullshit! 

No, apparently there's not.

Or is there? Awww how sweet,

I'm still asking Marvel writers why the created him when they already had the Purple Man?



Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

first and only time i ever saw this guy was in a Spiderman one shot that was for Free Comic Book Day. totally lame just like you said to call him a cheap Gorilla Grodd knock off would be giving him too much credit. what the fuck were they thinking indeed.

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly. Why he's not dead when they have a better pheromone-based villain in the Purple man is beyond me.

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