Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dream Waves: Youngblood


What's up people? For this week's edition of Dream Waves, I'm going to step back a bit from my usual routine of showcasing waves of figures I'd like to see get made concerning either Marvel or DC. Nope, instead, I'm going to give companies like Image Comics a shot, as I talk about the figures I'd wish were made from certain Image Comics' franchises, like say Youngblood, Spawn, Savage Dragon and the like.

Today I'll be focusing on Rob Liefield's Youngblood.

Ah Youngblood. Rob Liefield's first published creation at Image comics, debuted in the fall of '92, selling millions in just a few short weeks, following the infamous exodus of seven artists from Marvel comics and the formation of Image Comics.

Giving the devil his due, it was with Youngblood that Liefield really explored the celebrity approach to superheroes in general, making Youngblood a high-profile government-sponsored superhero team that were media darlings for the most part. That particular angle of the genre hadn't really been explored before, or so publicly on a large scale before.

Despite being a trendsetter( if only for a very short period of time) Youngblood was plagued with chronic lateness and a long, coherent mission statement and purpose, with many starts and stops along its long published history. Even with high profile names like Alan Moore, Kurt Busiek and
Joe Casey working on the franchise, it just never took off and made a lasting impact beyond it's initial appearance like it was meant to.

Well today I'll be giving the team the spotlight by showcasing at least two waves' worth of figures that I'd like to see finally made and out for toy collectors to well, collect.


Youngblood Wave 1:

1). Shaft

2). Vogue

3). Chapel

4). Diehard

5). Sentinel

6). Combat

7). Batttlestone

BAF:   Badrock

Youngblood Wave 2:

1). Riptide

2). Knight Sabre

3). Cougar

4). Photon

There's the original male version, then He switched gender into a she. Alien culture thing apparently.

5). Suprema

6). Crypt

7). Dutch

BAF:  Troll

And that's just in two waves. I imagine I could stretch out another two waves' worth of material. Maybe next time.

I will say there's not really too many recurring villains to slide into these waves, outside of Crypt. Well I guess Warwolf, so there's that/


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

the only Youngblood issue i've ever bought was Youngblood Strikefile 6. and that was because it featured The Massada character. further more it should be noted i found the issue at a comic shop which had it in a back issue section with a sign that read the "Rob Liefeld quarter box".

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, nice. And of course it was Masada, ha ha. I just read a, issue by issue review of the whole Strikefile series, and the reviewer marked that while the story was super-short, at least you got her motivation of who she was and what she did. And then wondered why if she didn't have such cozy feelings for the Masad, why she basically used a feminized version of that name.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Let me clear up the picture for you a bit. the Mossad is the Israeli secret service, thier version of the CIA. The word Mossad is Hebrew for department. the word Massada is Hebrew for fortress but it's also the name for a famous dessert mountain fortress in Israel from biblical times. In fact my wife and I paid a visit to Massada along with the Dead Sea during our trip to Israel last summer.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh ok, gotcha.

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