Thursday, January 05, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Animal Man VS. Kraven The Hunter


Welcome to the first edition of So, Who Would Win? of 2017, as I pit two comic book characters with similar-ish animal themed-abilities and powers against each other.

First up is Animal Man, Buddy Baker He's your typically classic super-hero with a wife and family, and definitely not the big leagues like say Superman or Batman. But as writers like Grant Morrison proved, that doesn't mean he's not a credible and interesting hero in his own right.

With the ability to mimic any animal's natural ability due to being in close proximity of said animal or just being able to recall said ability through a mental Rolodex file, Animal Man is exactly the type of super-hero that his opponent in today's fight would uh, fight.

Kraven the Hunter was already the of the greatest and deadliest of hunters when he was given a mysterious potion that enhanced his natural skill and abilities and raised them to a superhuman level.
So now he can go around and wrestle big animals like bears or rhinos to the ground with relative ease.

In my scenario, someone's hired Kraven to take out Buddy. He's either important due to this mysterious benefactor wanting his access to his powers by having Buddy captured and brought to him or her, or just to test out the full extent of Buddy's powers. Either way, someone's sicced Kraven on our boy Buddy, and it'll be a very intense battle regardless of the duration.

And hey, Buddy's kinda' like the DC version of Spider-Man.....Kinda'......


Animal Man


Kraven the Hunter

Who Wins and Why?
Let me know who you think is the last man standing in this one in the comments' section below.

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