Friday, January 13, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: The Fantastic Four VS. The Metal Men


For this week's edition of So Who Would Win?, I decided to try something out.

Let's say today's all-out battle used to be a traditional super-hero team-up....until Doom happened.
To Sum it all up;

The world is attacked by the combined might of the Gas Gang and Diablo, and confronted by their respective foes,

the Fantastic Four and Prof. Magnus and his Metal Men.

After their inevitable defeat, both Mr. Fantastic and Prof. Magnus attempt to make sense of these sudden and uncharacteristic attacks.
But both genius inventors don't get allowed time to reflect for very much longer when they're suddenly attacked by a seemingly endless array of Doombots!

Amazingly both teams survive the attack.

It's then that the architect of their misery, Doctor Doom makes his presence known.

It appears he orchestrated the whole thing, intentionally bringing both teams together so that they can essentially eliminate each other, while Doom collects the Metal Men and appropriates their responsometers for his own uses.

For this end, he;s developed a virus signal that will remotely and sonic-ally, attack each of the Metal Men's responsometers, effectively putting them solely under his control.

He activates the signal, and the Metal Men go cold and silent. The theory eyes begin to blaze an inhuman shade of red, and the Metal Men begin to attack their creator and the FF.


The Fantastic Four


The Metal Men

Who Wins and Why?
Let me know who you think if the last team standing in the comments' section below.

That's me for this week. have a good one people...

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