Friday, January 06, 2017

Top 10 Marvel Legends Figures I Want To See In 2017


As always, this is strictly my own personal wish list, but if Hasbro were to somehow see this and make most if not all of these figures happen for real this year.....I'd be very grateful. Like $19.99 a figure grateful.

Now it's only still just the start of January but collectors already know about two upcoming waves that are sure to make 'em cough up some dough.

There's a Guardians of The Galaxy wave in time for this year's sequel, which will finally yield me a Darkhawk figure, and then there's an upcoming X-Men wave that will give us figures like Old Man Logan, Shatterstar, Sunfire, Polaris, Dazzler, and a Jim Lee-style Cyclops to help round out the 90's Blue Team.

Now impressive as that all is, and it is, there's still the rest of the year to go.
While no one can accurately predict who'll be made next, I'd still like to throw these options out there as the one I'd like to see made the most by year's end.

Top 10 Marvel Legends I Want To See Made In 2017

1). AoA Blink

2). Sleepwalker

3). Quasar

4). Jack of Hearts

5). Diamondback

6). Damien Hellstrom

7). Count Nefaria

8). The Living Laser

9). The Multiple Man

10). Mr. Knight

And what the hell, here's 6 runner-ups....

1). The Wizard

2). Psycho Man

3). Jim Lee-style Jubilee

4). Destiny

5). Mimic

6). Skurge The Executioner 

Let's hope most of these guys are made by the end of 2017, especially my top 5, seeing as how Diamondback would be a natural for any planned/upcoming Captain America wave.

That's me for this week. Take care everybody......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

ya know the funny thing about Destiny is that they always draw her with a hot body in that costume even though she's supposed to be an old woman which is obvious whenever they show her in civilian clothing. speaking of action figures check out some of the stuff in my collection from the early 80s

Dale Bagwell said...

I know right? I never got that either. I mean she's not a super GILF, she's an old lezzie crone. Ewwww.

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