Monday, January 09, 2017



If Spider-Gwen's response sounds familiar, that's because it is. Remember this scene from Clueless?

 Yeah, thought you might;)

 BTW, here's some SWAG I received over the weekend in the form of new figures to my collection:

First up is the Marvel Select Colossus and new Marvel Legends Green Goblin from the Sandman BAF Wave:

That Green Goblin is so fucking cool and very well-sculpted. As for that Colossus, he's pretty much my main default Colossus figure, at over 7 inches tall, he towers over his ML counterpart.
He looks like the type of figure that really would be capable of tossing Wolverine around in their trademark fastball special.

Next up is the DCUC Commander Steel figure. I've had my eye on him for a while., and despite costing $30.50 plus tax off Amazon, he was well-worth every penny.

And of course, here's the Old Man Logan trade I finally bought. Took me long enough, but it's worth it. You guys should really find this one if you don't own it already, especially since the upcoming Logan movie is loosely based off this popular story by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.

Last but not least....

I ordered the rest of the Space Venom Wave figures, like Miles Morales and Spider-Bitch here(also from the Old Man Logan story) as well as Silk and the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man, but they haven't arrived yet, maybe later today. I also order the new and updated Shocker from the Sandman BAF Wave, but due to the bad winter weather, he's been delayed for some unknown specified time:(

Maybe this week?
I'll give you guys an update on that.

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