Wednesday, October 08, 2014

"Sue Me, Sue You Blues"

Happy Hump Day People!

Who's up for a new skit?

The End

Hey, it could happen.
This too.....

You know someone's had to have done this to T'Challa at least once.

Bonus cool points that knew that the title to today's skit is the name of a George Harrison song:


Randomnerd said...

Nice Jungle Book reference too. Now I'm hearing Baloo sing in my head. Luckily you left a handy replacement. :)
Now I'm wondering if the Egyptian government ever tried suing Hawkman for removing sacred artifacts from their nation.
But probably not. He carries a mace and a surly disposition.

Dan W said...

"W-E-A-K Sauce!" :) Yet again my vocabulary grows here at the house! Where you get your little thought bubble icons from always surprise me. You seem to have an icon for every occasion.

Although Creeper singing Toto comes a close second!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Thx. Glad you think so.
As for the Hawkman question...good point ging.
I imagine you're right; the mace and attitude probably do deter away any harassment or lawsuits
Then again maybe their building case since it always seems like there's a different Hawkman showing up.
Good idea for a skit in there somewhere. Thx:)

@Dan: Always happy to contribute to the expansion of your slang vocabulary mate;)

I have my not-so secret sources for those speech balloons man. There's stuff I haven't even uses yet.

Stay tuned!

Randomnerd said...

Always happy to spark the synapses, Dale. :)
I think we should write a slang to Dan dictionary.
Then watch him try to use it.

Dale Bagwell said...

*Rubs hands together maniacally *
"Good! Good!"

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