Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"He's Got Peter Weller Eyes"

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

And now onto some purposely misinterpreted lyrics.....

The End

Yeah, I don't know why Peter Weller popped into my head either;)

Original source material anyone?
Yep, Kim Carnes' Bette Davis Eyes.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

this is besides the point since marvel can't make an animated show that's worth a shit but Peter Weller would make a great voice actor for The Vision. did you see Sons of Anarchy last night? that show's had some fucked up endings but last night's episode was a contender for the most fucked up ever.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: You really don't think the latest animated offerings from Marvel/Disney are that good huh? I haven't watched Ultimate Spider-Man or the recent Avengers Assemble cartoon, but they look decent enough. I know Googum and I personally enjoyed the last Avenger series, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, & were sad to see it cancelled.
To each his own on that.

Yes, yes I did. Killer cliffhanger for sure. What do you think about this season so far?

For me, some episodes have been slower than others. I guess Sutter's playing the slow burn game here. Which was fine for the previous seasons, but this is the last one. I expected things to go full-tilt, with an episode or two to be used as a breather.

Still, overall I'm hooked and enjoying the final ride.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I think every animated thing marvel has done in the last 20 years or so has been complete shit that's walked the line between boring and obviously being geared toward a younger crowd. a couple months ago a friend of mine during a visit got me to watch a couple of episodes of that earth's Mightiest Heroes Avengers series. it had them fighting Kang. goddamn it was tiresome and the animation style wasn't that great half way through the second episode I just had to tell him I had enough. there's just no comparison between the shit marvel does and the high quality shows like Young Justice not too mention DC's animated movies like Under the Red Hood and assault on Arkham. if marvel never did another animated show I wouldn't miss them anymore then I would sleeping through a late night infomercial about woman's hand bags. as for SOA this season has been pretty consistently entertaining.

The King of Thessaly said...

No, no, no- it's Peter Weller's LIPS! Peter. Weller's. Lips.

We've been over this Shlomo- Marvel has made several animated shows "worth a shit"... You just refuse to watch half of them.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

on the contrary I've checked out just about everything marvel has done on youtube and for me none of it is worth a shit. same goes for CW shows.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: I'd say his entire face as per Robocop, but that's not the name of the song I was riffing.
But yeah, lips too.

I guess King and I will have to agree to disagree w/ you on the animated Marvel shows there Shlomo. I enjoyed the Earths mightiest heroes series myself. That one seemed to be geared towards both kid and adult audiences, unlike the more super kid -friendly Avengers Assemble show.
Now as animated movies, I'll definitely agree with Shlomo there. Between Son of Batman and Attack on Arkham, DC's been killing it on that front. Marvel? I'd say mixed. Like planet hulk was good, but the animation for both Ultimate Avengers had a lot to be desired.

Arrow so far has been killing it for me so far this season, especially this week's episode.
Flash is pretty good, and shows promise for the future. Whether or not it happen, Idk.
Loving the latest season of AHS though. Freakshow to me is already far superior to last season, which lost my interest after the third episode.
SOA is pretty good, but slow in a lot of parts. Slow burn indeed it appears. But next week's episode, with bobby fate should be damn interesting to watch.

The King of Thessaly said...

Yes, yes, yes- but you mostly only ever saw his lips. No one else can play RoboCop because they don't have Peter Weller's LIPS!!!

@Shlomo: Ha- skipping through a few random episodes/clips on YouTube does not count as watching or even giving a series a valid try...
And last time we talked about Marvel cartoons on other blogs- you had admittedly not seen most of the ones I was talking about at the time- and even refused to watch them because; "kiddie shit". So that 'contrariwise' is new to me.

That's okay- more for Dale and I! @Dale- you ever seen the French Fantastic Four cartoon? I think it was called World's Greatest Heroes. Such a FUN series.

The difference is- the direct to DVD DC cartoons are not aimed to kids at all- the Marvel ones were. So- OF COURSE we like the DC ones more! (Son of Batman sucked, though.) Also- DC has ALWAYS had a better animation division- they're freakin' WARNER BROS. for Christ's sake! -Of course they do...

I'm liking Flash more than Arrow so far. But both have been very enjoyable. SHIELD too. It's a good time to be a nerd!
But, come on- did you think they'd go there on a Flash show? Time travel, Reverse Flash, cosmic-treadmill, Firestorm, CRISIS??? I'm so happy with the direction it's heading- fingers crossed they don't pull an Arrow mid-season-one!

FUCK YEAH! AHS has always been the best thing on TV when it starts up again. ADDICTED to that show. Last season was fantastic too. They all are! 2 is my favorite though, so far.

Walking Dead has been better than ever, so far, this season. Thank the gods- because it's had way more bad episodes than good the last couple seasons...

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