Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bad Atom: Part One

Inspired by fellow action figure skit-making brother from another mother, Googum over at Random Happenstance, I decided to break up skit I made into three parts and drag it out a bit. Hell, I might even maybe add more if I feel like it.

Much like the Bad Ralph series, featuring The Elongated Man being a dick to his fellow Justice Leaguers, So too is Ray Palmer, in a new series of skits called Bad Atom.

Hope you guys enjoy the first installment.....

The End

Hmm. While Ralph kinda' deserves this for being a dick earlier, it is a real ow blow by the Atom here. Especially doing the whole ventriloquist act and imitating Ralph's dead wife Sue. Even more so super-dickish when you remember it was Ray's ex-wife Jean, that killed Sue. 

Ouch man, ouch.

More from the Atom next week.....


Randomnerd said...

Ray's lucky he wasn't strangled in a tangle of super stretchy legs.
This is like telling a Kennedy joke in a room full of Catholics. Well done, B. Bard. Well done.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: "Like telling a Kennedy joke in a room full of Catholics" huh? LOL. Awesome. I'll take it;)

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