Thursday, October 09, 2014

So, Who Would Win: Iron Man VS. The Metal Men

Here's one fight scenario I can't believe no one else has thought of;
Iron Man versus The Metal Men.

Just let that thought sink in for a bit.

Got it?

Iron Man


The Metal Men
(Gold, Mercury, Iron, Lead, Platinum, and Copper)

This one would be a hell of a fight right off the bat, not to mention an interesting battle of wits and inventive minds in Tony Stark versus Dr. Will Magnus.

Anything could happen, even if first impressions might favor Ol' Shell-Head.
But don't count out The Metal Men just yet, nor their ability to overcome the odds.


Iron Man

The Metal Men....

Who Wins? Why?

You guys know where to leave your chosen victor.
As always, have a good weekend guys and gals.....


Randomnerd said...

Anyway it comes out, Tony leaves to have drinks with Platinum.

Dan W said...

Tony to Platinum 'Wait, you're more than a credit card?'

This would be awesome, especially if the story roped in all the armoured adversaries of each party too, like Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man and Ultimo - oh and the mega huge Metal Man they make when they all combine.

Still, I go to Stark for the win, not so much for his tech brains, but his cunning and prep to do what others wouldn't to win. Plus he has Rodney in his corner, and the Metal Men just don't have a military core like he does.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Yep! Then he asks if she's really a robot or if that's just a highly advanced liquid metal suit. She tells him she's a really robot bad asks him if that's a problem. He simply says no. They hook up, w/ her thinking how this should make Magnus jealous enough to pay attention to her from now on. Either way, Stark wins in more ways than one that night;)

@Dan: I agree man. Stark wins, but both gains a new respect for robots, and probably "borrows" some of that tech. You know, as a weapon for against Ultron or something.
Ooh! Next battle idea; Ultron vs. The Metal Men.

karl said...

This mash-up would nbe totally insane - I think it stands to reason that Stark would win but what a fight it would be, esp if it got all heavy-tech.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: You know it man. I still say Stark "borrows" some of the tech/ideas from the Metal men and incorporates it into his armor somehow.

But yeah, the general consensus is Stark wins in the end.

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