Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bad Atom: Part Two

 S'up Folks!

Just as I promised, more Bad Atom......

That little bastard. I never knew he had it in 'em;)

Linda Ronstadt says.....



The King of Thessaly said...

Why, that little bastard!!!

Never really cared for Felicity Smoak on Arrow... yeah she has bits of adorable Whedonesque dialog here and there, but that was it. This season though- damn. She is looking SUPER hot. I think it was just that episode where she was on that date with Ollie. Damn. Just... damn.
Yes- yes- I am THAT superficial sometimes.

Unrelated- but I am SO glad they are finally giving Katie Cassidy a chance to shine on that show.
You should watch The Scribbler!!! SO GOOD!

And... what do you think of The Flash so far? Are you watching? -I fucking love it.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: She's hot indeed sir. Not arguments there from me on that.Just wish she had a bigger chest. I'm that superficial as well;)

Flash isn't bad really. They're obviously going the Arrow route, and introducing as many of his Rogues as possible.
I watched the one w/Captain Cold and enjoyed that one as well. I noticed he wasn't wearing his trademark parka and glasses at first. I complain to my girlfriend, and then towards the end, BAM Blue Parka and Glasses. I was happy then;)
Hey, I know they usually only work in the comics, but damnit I want them to look like how they should.

Haven't seen the Scribbler, but I watched in some horror movie I forgot the title of.
Good for her for having something to do besides being an alcoholic and pining over Ollie and Tommy. And she gets trained by Ted Grant to boot? Hell's yeah! Couldn't have asked for a better trainer except for Ollie.
So I guess she'll be the new Black Canary. I can dig it if its done right.

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