Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"Video killed the radio star"

Happy Hump Day people,

today's post is titled "Video killed the radio star, or in today's modern terms, Reality TV killed the Music channel.

Ah, MTV. What a difference 30 years makes huh?
You wouldn't know it by looking at us, but MTV and I were born 3 days apart, which makes us brothers/siblings from another mother....I think.

  • Yessir, MTV was born Aug 1, 1981, and while I was born Aug 4, 1981.
  • Like MTV, we both hooked up to machines by cables, cords, and plugs.
  • Like MTV, we were both deemed "failures", and not given much hope to survive through the year.
  • MTV's first weeks' progress were made public(but only if you could find it on your TV) featuring a non-stop,  24-hr marathon of Rod Stewart videos because they had nothing else to fill the time. My 1st few weeks weren't as newsworthy, but were eventful enough. Sadly MTV beats me though since they at least had Rod Stewart videos to look at. Hey stop laughing, Rod was the still the man back in '81.
  • We both changed radically the day we turned 15. MTV fully embraced the Reality era before it even knew it existed, continuing to produce hit reality shows like "Real World" and "Road Rules". I discovered porn....lots of it. Thanks HBO!
  • When MTV turned 19, Boy bands were all the rage, while all the Jonas Brothers and Justin Biebers of the world were still enjoying their nap times and juice boxes. When I turned 19, I graduated from High School and met the love of my life.....while occasionally missing those same nap times and juice boxes oddly enough.
  • We were both officially legal when we turned 21, even though I know MTV probably got to drink alcohol before I did. Bitch. Not to mention I turned 21 on a Sunday, in a town that's a dry county on Sunday. MTV turned 21 on a Thrusday, thus got to drink before I did....yet again.
  • MTV and I both turned the big 3-0 this year. We've both changed physically over the years; I've lost a little of the top and gained some in the middle, while MTV just looks younger and younger every year, but also loses something as valuable as my hair is to me:  actual music videos.

What happened MTV? You went from VJ's, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Madonna and make-shift game shows in the 80's to Extreme sports, Rap, the Real World, Beavis and Butt-head, Kurt Loader, Jesse and Matt Pinfield in the 90's, to uber craptastic boy bands, Brittany Spears, and Carson Daily in the 00's, to the present with hardly any music/music videos that are decent and and a shit-load of Reality TV that features pregnant teens, rich, young snobs that have chosen the Paris Hilton way of life, and New Jersey caricatures of Italians. WTH!? When did MTV become all about that, and less about the music?

Remember when MTV 2 was brand new? How that channel was supposed to be what MTV even back then, used to be? If you watch MTV 2 now, it's like MTV cloned itself, and now you have 2 channels that hardly show music anymore, just talking, if you can call it that.

Sad really. Oh MTV, how you've let yourself go.....
I'll check back with you when we both hit the big 4-0.

So there, that's the tale of two (almost, kinda')siblings that were born 3 days apart....

On a more serious note, please send your thoughts and prayers to those that were killed and/or wounded by a crazed gunman named  Eduardo Sencion at a Carson City, Nevada IHOP.  Included in the senseless killings were 3 National Guardsmen.


StarryPluto said...

I love your posts baby you're such a fantastic writer. This was a good post!

Dale Bagwell said...

Awww, gracias seniorita!

David H. said...

man i was about 9 when MTV first hit the scene. i remember it like it was yesterday cause i love all things 80s. on my other blog site i put together this image in photoshop cause i'm featuring an article off of MTV's website:
thanks for all the cool feedback on mt other vids Dale i appreciate it. i may have some more video from some shit going down up in berkeley this weekend on 911. by the way man i had no idea you were married too. i think me and Dan are the only single guys in our little blog community.

Dale Bagwell said...

Aww Dave you big softie you!
If we don't quit with the mutual live-fest, my wife's going to start to get suspicious. No, not really, but thanks for the comments.

Let me know how your Berkeley trip went, and as for your other blog site: not a bad article.

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