Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lest we forget: The Power is yours!

By reading the above title, you're probably thinking either this post is about Captain Planet or the funny spoof of Cap'n Planet by actor Don Cheadle for

Well it's not, but I am going to talk briefly about another character with Power as his last name.
I'm talking about Dr. Maximus Power.

You're probably going "who?"

I'm referring to this guy:

Back during the 3rd Volume of Iron Man, writer Frank Tieri created this alien "villain" to fight Tony. His backstory is basically that he was living on a planet that was ruled my magic and outlawed science. Our boy Maximus dared to practice the forbidden art/black magic of science, and was tried, convicted, and sentenced to exile on our planet. You know 'cause that's where all alien criminals wind up in comic book land.

So Maximus does the whole "stranger in a strange land" routine, and eventually learns Earth's customs and languages. While living with bums and free-thinkers in California(because that's where all bums and free-thinkers live apparently) he discovers the whole fascination with Super-Heroes. Being the smart alien that he is, he not only figures out a way to get people high w/o the dangerous side-effects(it's true, just read it) , but he also figures out a way to give everyday, regular people superpowers.
Skip ahead a few years, and now going by the name Dr. Maximus Power, he becomes rich and famous for his discovery. Tony's then girlfriend at the time Rumiko Fujikawa, takes him to a Halloween party where Power is the guest of honor. The people in attendance take power's drugs, get super-powers, and all hell breaks loose. Did I mention that Rumiko takes his drug too? She does, and now Tony has to deal w/ her as well as a whole bunch of drunk and super-powered idiots. You know, kind of like a normal party night for Tony.

He eventually fights w/ Dr. Power, and of course beats him just in time to team-up w/ the FF for a Maximum Security event tie-in issue.  Remember that mess?
Power, Part 2 - Villains

 PowerPower, Part 3 - The Land

After those 3 issues, we never see Maximus again, and I'm curious why not. Sure he seems to be a knock-off/copy of the Martian Manhunter, but he seemed to have more potential than that off a throw-away character. I'm sure some writer like Bendis can dust him off, and make him relevant again. Right?


googum said...

It's his name! Max Power...he's the man, with the name you'd like to touch...

It's funny: that whole series of Iron Man, from the Busiek issues, Quesada, Mike Grell; all pretty solid. Not mind-blowing, but not bad. Then another Iron Man #1, and after Warren Ellis' run, I don't think I've read more than two issues in a row of the book since.

Dale Bagwell said...

I actually liked the Quesada "Blood Brothers" issues, which could be a further sign that the apocalypse is coming, but they were good,not great like you said.

Dan said...

I agree with Googum - I collected Iron Man up from the 80's but parted ways not long into Matt Fraction's run. A cup of coffee may cost a few bucks but I ain't subscribing for a whole yeah to watch a super-hero drink one of them.

I liked Quesada's run too - mind you the covers alone were worth the price of admission.

Again awesome post!

CDerosby said...

When the writers at Marvel get tired of bringing other villains back from the dead for the 20th time, they'll use Power again. Maybe they'll even pull an X-Men Event and bring him back just to red-shirt him, give him some new and deadly Legacy Virus v2.0 and kill him.

Dale Bagwell said...

-Dan, those were indeed some sweet covers by the former EIC huh?

I avoided Fraction's run as well; I read the spoilers instead, and while his run gets mixed reviews, I'd likely skip it all together myself.

But what do you think about him becoming a drunk again?

-CDerosby, thanks for stopping by; feel free to stay awhile and follow/subscribe me.

If Marvel does what you think might happen, then I'd prefer him to stay in limbo then, since he has so much potential to be a breakout hit if someone good actually takes a liking to him, like Van Lente, Parker, Pak, or

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